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The Henry, Marriott Autograph Collection Hotel in Dearborn, Michigan

The Henry is about art and style in Ford Country, aka Dearborn, Michigan. The hotel was a Ritz-Carlton from 1989 to 2010 when it rebranded as The Henry and became a member of Marriott’s Autograph Collection.

The few people I encountered at the airport and taxi line seemed impressed when I mentioned staying at The Henry.

Best of all is The Henry is only a category 4 Marriott Rewards hotel. This was my hotel choice in the Detroit area to burn Marriott MegaBonus category 1-4 certificates from my account earned in winter 2013 and set to expire in two months.

Much ado about Henrys

I assumed the Dearborn hotel was named after Henry Ford, since Dearborn is the historic home of Henry Ford and headquarters of Ford Motor Company, however, a press release from Marriott in June 2010 states the hotel name is based on several men named Henry.

Henry Dearborn, U.S. Secretary of War during Thomas Jefferson’s administration is the namesake for Dearborn, Michigan. He was also the presiding general for the court martial of William Hull, the U.S. commanding general who surrendered Fort Detroit to the British in August 1812 without a fight. Hull was sentenced to death for treason, then reprieved by President James Madison.

Even Henry Miller, American writer and artist, is mentioned in reference to The Henry hotel name. He is a big name in Big Sur, California. Not sure of the Dearborn, Michigan connection. He died in 1980 well before the Ritz-Carlton Dearborn opened in 1989.

Henry Fine Art hallway

This Henry hallway has art by Goya, Marc Chagall and Picasso. There are more than 250 works of art on the ground floor and another 400 original and limited edition pieces on floors 2-11 of the hotel.

The Henry Picasso late

Pablo Picasso Visage No. 202 (1963) Glazed white ceramic plate painted in color. From the numbered edition of 500 examples.

All the art is for sale. The Picasso will set you back $20,680.

Park West Gallery is the sales agent for art at The Henry.

Here is one of my favorite pieces in the hotel.

Cat Fish

Catfish Lily by Nano Lopez.

$11,040 is the price tag.

Nano Lopez creates ‘Nanimal’ sculptures. Another sculpture is located at the entrance to Tria, The Henry hotel restaurant .


‘Curioso’ by Nano Lopez depicts a foal drinking water and encountering a turtle. Pricetag $62,000.

The Henry Room

The Henry room-1

Comfortable work chairs at the desk and HDTV with 40 channels.

The Henry room-2

Cushioned chair and heavy drapes. The temperature was 16 F. outside when I arrived and I could feel the chill in the room when I opened the curtains wide for the view. The room temperature was a perfect cool for my taste.

The Henry Dearborn view

From what I have read, the empty fields are Ford property and a tribute to the farmlands where Henry Ford grew up in Michigan. The skyscrapers of Detroit were slightly visible in the distance when I arrived. At least I think that is Detroit.

Ford HQ

Ford Motor Company Global Headquarters, Dearborn, Michigan

The Henry room bed

Comfortable, firm bed with many pillows.

The Henry bathrom

Marble counter bathroom and RUSK bath products. Floor and shower are marble tiled.

The room offered coffee maker and an empty refrigerator. I love empty refrigerators, but there is no store in winter walking vicinity for items like beer to fill the refrigerator. Fairlane Town Center is a five minute walk from the hotel with stores like Macy’s, Sears, JC Penny and restaurants like PF Chang’s. Fair Lane was the name of Henry Ford’s Dearborn estate.

Fitness Facilities

The workout room leads to deluxe locker rooms, sauna and an indoor pool.

The Henry Fitness-1

Fitness Center at The Henry.

The Henry fitness-2

Exercise equipment at The Henry.

The Henry pool

Indoor Pool at The Henry.

The Henry whirlpool

Whirlpool at The Henry.

Tria is the hotel restaurant and bar in the lobby. The lobby has two large rooms with seating.

The Henry lobby

Tria on left and elevator corridor of art on right.


One of the cool features of the hotel is the opportunity to get a ride in the hotel SUV to the Henry Ford Museum about 3 miles from the hotel. I rode over in the hotel car and when I needed to return, the hotel called for a taxi. The Henry was slammed with an influx of families for some kind of tweenager dance event over the weekend and I could not be picked up by the hotel car. The taxi was $10 for a three mile ride.

The Henry Ford Museum is the most visited tourist attraction in the Detroit Metro area. My impression after five hours at the museum today is it is one of the best museum experiences I have ever had. Henry Ford was an avid collector of many things and the museum exhibits are among the best educational displays I have seen. More on the Henry Ford Museum in a separate post.

The Henry is a fine hotel. Another reminder to readers that this property is currently Marriott Rewards category 4. With rates frequently in the $200 per night range, the hotel for 20,000 points or Marriott 1-4 certificate awards is a good value.

The Henry is a place for art, history and Americana in Dearborn, Michigan. I’d love to return when the grass is green and I can see what those snow white fields of January in Ford Country hold in the warmer months.

Art of Dreaming

The Art of Dreaming. Please do not disturb.

The Henry, Marriott Autograph Collection, Dearborn, Michigan.

About The Henry.


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  • Lark January 10, 2014


    Still not sure it is worth a special trip to Detroit, but if I am already there…

  • Mel January 11, 2014

    That is the Detroit Skyline – most notably the GM towers aka Reneissance Center.
    There is a Walmart not too far during the summer or a specialty grocery.
    The mall is named Fairlane because it sits on the farm fields of the Fairlane Estate which can be found on the far west side of the mall.

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