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IHG Promo Next Big Win coming December 16

IHG Rewards Club will launch the next Big Win promotion offer December 16, 2013. The promotion will not begin until January 1, 2014 since The Big Win current promotion runs through December 31, 2013. IHG Rewards Club next Big Win promotion will run through April 30, 2014.

This is a first of its kind promotion, which provides each loyal guest with an individually tailored set of offers.

IHG Press Release

Please note: IHG Rewards Club webpage will not open for The Big Win registration until sometime this weekend.

Here is the full IHG Rewards Club press release:

ATLANTA (Dec. 16, 2013) – InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) is kicking off 2014 in a big way by offering loyal IHG® Rewards Club members more opportunities to earn free travel through the next installment of its hotel rewards promotion, “The Big Win.” This is a first of its kind promotion, which provides each loyal guest with an individually tailored set of offers.

“We have found that introducing tailored offers through “The Big Win” has been beneficial for both our guests and our hotels,” said Jim Sprigg, director, Database Marketing & CRM Solutions, IHG. “So, this January, we are launching a new and improved version of ”The Big Win” promotion based on guest feedback, with offers that are even more relevant and appealing to diverse types of guests who are loyal to the IHG family of hotel brands, including select offers with a greater focus on our individual hotel brands.”

Pre-registration for “The Big Win” promotion begins on Dec. 16, 2013 here. Once registered, members will begin earning IHG® Rewards Club points or airline miles when they stay at any IHG®-branded hotel between Jan. 1 and April 30, 2014. This includes the InterContinental® Hotels & Resorts, Crowne Plaza® Hotels & Resorts, Hotel Indigo® Hotels, Holiday Inn® Hotels, Holiday Inn Resort® Hotels, Holiday Inn Club Vacations®, Holiday Inn Express® Hotels, Staybridge Suites® Hotels and Candlewood Suites® Hotels brands. IHG’s scale and diversity means that our hotels can meet our guests’ needs whatever the occasion – whether an overnight getaway, a business trip, a family celebration or an once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Sprigg added, “Other hotel promotions still tend to be one-size-fits-all, whereas every offer in “The Big Win” promotion varies based on a guest’s travel pattern.”

How it works:

  • Current IHG® Rewards Club members and new members can register for the “Big Win” hotel rewards promotion here.
  • Receive custom offers to win points or miles such as: stay more and earn more, stay on the weekend to win or explore our brands
  • Stay to start “winning”
  • Track your offers and rewards via a customized Rewards Tracker here.

IHG’s family of brands across 4,600 hotels ranges from an award-winning InterContinental resort to a city-center Holiday Inn hotel.

IHG Rewards Club, formerly Priority Club® Rewards, is the world’s first and largest hotel loyalty program, with industry-leading benefits including no blackout dates for Reward Nights, fast-track to Elite status when guests explore the IHG brand portfolio and points that never expire.

Visitors and guests can sign up online for IHG Rewards Club and all its benefits, on the spot, free of charge at any IHG hotel.

About IHG Rewards Club
With more than 76 million members globally, IHG® Rewards Club, formerly Priority Club® Rewards, is the first, largest and fastest-growing guest loyalty program in the hotel industry.  Named Best Hotel Rewards Program in the World eight years running by Global Traveler magazine, IHG® Rewards Club offers sought-after benefits and is easy to use.  In addition to unique features like No Points Expiration, No Blackout Dates on Reward Nights, Points & Cash, Flights AnywhereTM and Hotels Anywhere, IHG® Rewards Club members have hundreds of options for point redemption including: Reward Nights, music downloads, brand merchandise and retail gift cards. Enrollment in IHG Rewards Club is free. Guests can sign up at, by calling 1-888-211-9874 or by inquiring at the front desk of any of IHG’s 4,600+ hotels worldwide.


My IHG Big Win fulfillment plans for this month.

I still need to book a Saturday night stay for one of the three remaining Saturdays of 2013 to fulfill one of my Big Win offers. There are a couple of inexpensive Crowne Plaza hotels in the Silicon Valley around San Jose with rates at $80. The Saturday night stay will earn 4,800 bonus points. The Saturday night stay is not as important as getting three different hotel brands.

I need a third IHG hotel brand before the end of the month to earn 22,000 bonus points.

These should be easy to fulfill since I have a Southern California road trip coming up.

I hope my Next Big Win does not include offers for hotel stays outside the USA. My current Big Win offer is for 89,800 points, however, without a hotel stay in Europe, I am only able to earn a maximum 37,600 points.

I will earn 30,600 bonus points from three hotel nights with the Big Win.

Stackable promotion offers for bonus points should earn about the same number of points. I received 14,000 bonus points from my free night Best Rate Guarantee claim stay in October.

Gotta love IHG Rewards Club IT.


  • Kalboz December 12, 2013

    Thanks for reporting. Can’t wait for the weekend … posted here:

  • DaninSTL December 12, 2013

    It’s only a big win for IHG and the so called customized offers are really a way to allow less points in this promotion to frequent stayers than to those that hardly stay or no longer frequent IHG. I hate this promotion. I met all the parts of the offer but unless I book two Saturday night stays that I don’t need by the end of December I won’t get the “big” bonus of 30k points. Pain in the rear I say. This promotion isn’t making me a fan of IHG. I stay a ton of nights a year but have little need for Saturday nights since it’s one of the few nights I’m home. Sorry to seem so negative but it burns me up to have as many nights as I stay only to get a weak offer of like 45k points and my wife (we are both platinums) who hasn’t stayed much in IHG this year got some huge like 100k offer she’ll never reach.

  • Danh December 12, 2013


    Do you know if Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express are considered different brands therefore staying at both will qualify for an offer? Thanks

  • Susan December 12, 2013

    I completed my last stay this past week-end… Luckily, none of mine required stays outside of the country. I think, as do others, that that particular requirement is a bit far-fetched to ask of members.
    And, for the most part, all of my stays were ‘legit’ stays in that I actually needed hotel rooms for those nights. Where some people could achieve their Big Win with only four stays, I had to have seven. The only thing I hated about that, is that it took stays away from other chains (yes, I know that’s what they want).
    Altogether with the Big Win and bonus points earned from stays, I probably netted close to 140K points with my Big Win only being 76K of those.
    @Rich – yes, HI and HIExpress are two different brands.

    @Danin – you have to determine for yourself if booking two cheap Saturday night stays is worth the extra 30K (plus whatever bonus points) for you. I needed one more Saturday night stay so I booked an out-of-town stay for a date night with the +1.

  • Susan December 12, 2013

    Oh, and Ric… for me, all of those links lead to a page that requires some sort of admin sign in… so not accessible at all for me. Guess I’ll have to wait until the 16th for a peek.

  • Ric Garrido December 13, 2013

    @Danh – Holiday Inn Express and Holiday Inn are considered two different brands.

    @Susan – Sometime over the next three days the IHG links should go live.

    @DaninSTL – I hear repeatedly at hotel conferences the point of loyalty promotions is to drive room nights that would not otherwise be purchased. IHG seems to have a focus on spreading member purchases to other IHG hotel brands and encouraging weekend stays.

  • Danh December 13, 2013

    Sweet, I just need to make 4 stays/nights to win 119900 points. That is a heck of a deal.

  • Roddy December 13, 2013

    I just registered. My Big Win is 80,100 points. For the record I have not completed my current Big Win nor am I likely to complete it. New one is one less night, one less brand, mobile app bookings and requirements for Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express stays. It also has the two Saturday night stays which is what burned me this time.

  • The Other Carl December 14, 2013

    Ric – will a 1-night stay on a brg freebie count as a stay for Big Win purposes?

  • Ric Garrido December 15, 2013

    @The Other Carl – The one-night stay Best Rate Guarantee may or may not count. I received no credit for one BRG free night in 2013 and full credit for one BRG. They were both one night stays.

    The stay where I received credit was last minute and I paid for the night and then waited to be reimbursed by IHG. I received The Big Win credit for that stay.

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