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Marriott eBreaks Oct 17-20, 2013 for MegaBonus free night credits

Marriott eBreaks are discount rates released on Monday for hotel stays the following weekend nights from Thursday to Sunday. Friday or Saturday night stays are required, so if you want a Thursday or Sunday night, then you must book at least a two-night stay to include Friday or Saturday night.

What grabbed my attention this week are rates for hotels in a variety of cities at under $65 per night. Like Atlanta, where the Atlanta Marriott Century Center/Emory area is $75 per night for a full-service upper upscale Marriott and lower tier brands have even lower rates. Courtyard Atlanta Alpharetta is $51 per night and Courtyard Atlanta Northlake is $50.

Marriott Rewards MegaBonus offers a free reward night at a category 1 –5 hotel after two hotel stays by January 15, 2014. Rates this low mean two stays can be completed this Friday and Saturday night in the Atlanta area for $101 + tax to earn a category 5 hotel certificate.

Marriott eBreaks Atlanta

What kind of value is a Marriott Rewards category 5 hotel certificate for one free night?

There are 551 Marriott Rewards category 5 hotels worldwide. Here are some examples, starting with Georgia.

The Lodge & Spa at Callaway Gardens, Autograph Collection in Pine Mountain, Georgia has regular weekend rates of $229 to $239 per night in April and May 2014. The rate for a Friday to Sunday 2-night stay April 25-27, 2014 is $574.04.

Lodge at Callaway [click image to enlarge]

The rate to earn one free night with Marriott MegaBonus in Atlanta area hotel stays this weekend is under $120 all-in after taxes at a cheap Marriott brand or about $175 for two nights at a full-service Marriott hotel.

Spending $240 to $350 to buy four hotel nights over the next couple of months earns two more hotel nights, potentially worth as much as $574. This is a good deal to consider.

With a spouse, friend or partner the opportunity to book two rooms under each account can earn even more free nights. I find it is better to pay for hotel stays when needed, even if they cost more, rather than booking hotels just for the loyalty program bonuses. Yet, there are times when your best travel planning may include booking hotel stays simply to earn the bonus.


Diversify your free night earnings

Three years ago my advice to readers was to get elite status with a program and save with add-on benefits. My attitude has changed in the past three years as room rates have climbed beyond the 2007 peak rates in many places.

My advice now is plan for free rooms whenever they are easy and cheap to acquire, regardless of the hotel chain. There are deals all around and your options open up even more when you have free room nights across a variety of hotel chains to redeem at a moment’s notice on your travels.

In my quest to maximize Marriott Rewards MegaBonus offers I have earned Marriott Silver elite by staying 10 nights in 2013 while earning free night certificates for Category 5 hotels from this current MegaBonus and the two other MegaBonus free night offers this year.

Marriott Rewards is my go to program for one night stays this season, especially since SPG, Hyatt and Hilton all have promotions based on staying 2 to 5 nights to earn any bonus points. (Well, technically SPG earns double points so $175 spent for two one-night stays with SPG will earn 350 bonus points. Woo hoo.)

Two one-night stays with Marriott by January 15, 2014 earns one free night. And that is a great promotion deal.

And after earning my two free night limit, there is always Kelley’s account to pick up two more category 5 nights, if desired, after paying for 4 one-night stays.

Marriott eBreaks June 17-20, 2013

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Alabama – Mobile $71 – $159

California – Los Angeles $111

Colorado – Boulder $80 – $120

Colorado – Denver $63 – $104

Colorado – Fort Collins $95 – $143

Colorado – Grand Junction $84 – $10

Connecticut – New Haven $79

Florida – Naples-Fort Myers $63 – $87

Florida – Shalimar $107 – $115

Georgia – Atlanta $50 – $111

Georgia – Macon $71 – $95

Georgia – Multiple Cities $71 – $95

Indiana – Multiple Cities $80 – $91

Louisiana – Baton Rouge $79 – $87

Maryland – Baltimore $79 – $223

Montana – Multiple Cities $71 – $123

New Hampshire – Portsmouth $147 – $171

New Jersey – Atlantic City $79 – $207

New Jersey – Trenton-Princeton $87 – $143

New York – Buffalo $119 – $167

North Carolina – Charlotte $79 – $111

Ohio – Cincinnati $80 – $151

Ohio – Cleveland $87 – $95

Oregon – Portland $71 – $135

Pennsylvania – Philadelphia $79 – $143

Texas – Dallas-Ft Worth $71 – $199

Utah – Salt Lake City $63 – $127

Washington – Multiple Cities $79 – $159

Outside U.S.

Canada – Manitoba CAD103 – CAD111

Canada – Vancouver CAD183 – CAD239

Mexico – Cancun $79 – $174

Mexico – Toluca $60

Trinidad And Tobago – Port Of Spain $95

Terms & Conditions:

Rates are per night.

  • Thursday requires a Friday night stay.
  • Sunday requires a Saturday night stay.

Please note that some hotels only offer eBreaks rates Friday – Sunday. View Terms & Conditions >>

When booking online, be sure to include MEB in the corporate/promotional box. To reserve by phone, call 1-800-752-7571 and ask for Marriott eBreaks.

Marriott eBreaks rates are exclusive to members of the eBreaks program. Therefore, they do not qualify for Marriott’s Look No Further® Best Rate Guarantee.


Marriott is peaking in my neighborhood

Coastal California is in peak season during the month of October when temperatures in northern half of California often hit the warmest weather of the year in places near the Pacific Ocean where it typically does not rise above 75 F. most of the year. I don’t know if October has the same significance in southern California where it is warmer year round.

Unfortunately, no Marriott eBreaks deals in California this weekend, unless you want to check out Long Beach.


  • Marlene October 14, 2013

    I’m combining this with a gold status challenge. I had a few business trips and am doing mattress runs at a local Fairfield Inn to cover the rest. Four free nights and gold status? Yes, please!

  • Jennifer C. October 14, 2013

    Got all excited about the Glasshouse in Edinburgh, but it’s a Category 7, not Cat 5!

  • Ric Garrido October 14, 2013

    @Jennifer C. – Sure enough the Glasshouse is category 7.

    I don’t know how I came to think it was category 5 when I was checking it out today?

    Huge deletion to this post now.

  • Adam October 15, 2013

    The north side of Atlanta is a very good place to complete Megabonuses. The Courtyard Alpharetta, Springhill Suites Alpharetta, and Atlanta Marriott Norcross routinely have weekend AAA rates below $60. Occasionally they’re even lower; including room taxes, I once had to buy a candy bar to fully use a $50 gift card at the Springhill. While a little better, $50 and $51 rates don’t save that much money. I’ve stayed at the Springhill and Marriott Norcross. Both are more than acceptable.

  • Ric Garrido October 15, 2013

    @Adam – Thanks for providing local context. I don’t know Atlanta area and I pulled out random hotels for low prices without consideration to the local geography.

    Probably like picking San Francisco Bay Area hotels with Livermore and Fremont which are frequently cheap rates, but not too conveniently close to each other.

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