Hyatt Thursday Sep 26 @HyattWLFG focus group chats and prizes

Hyatt is planning the world’s largest focus group Twitter chats on Thursday, September 26 with all day chats hosted by different bloggers. There will be opportunities to win free Hyatt nights participating in these Twitter chats.

  • Seamless Travel: 5 – 6am CST with host Matt Long (@Landlopers).
  • Routines on the Road: 7 – 8am CST with hosts Jennifer Howze (@jhowze) and Susannah Scott (@AModernMother).
  • On the Road Rituals: 12-1pm CST with hosts Latina Bloggers Connect (@LBConnect) and Ana Flores (@laflowers).
  • Traveling Like a Pro: 2:30-4pm CST with host Travelers’ Night In (@flyingwithfish).
  • CST is Chicago time, Hyatt’s HQ city, and is one hour behind New York time and two hours ahead of Los Angeles time for the time zone challenged.


#HyattWLFG (World’s Largest Focus Group).

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