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Across Europe Choice Privileges cheap 8,000 points hotel reward nights to Nov 30, 2013

Choice Privileges has a major drop for hotel reward nights at only 8,000 points in cities across Europe from London to Paris to Cannes, Berlin to Munich, Venice to Rome, Dublin to Prague.

Nordic countries with the Nordic Choice program like Denmark, Norway and Sweden are not participating in these Choice Privileges discount seasonal rates.

You can currently earn 8,000 points with two hotel stays Sep 5-Nov 13, 2013 in the Choice Privileges fall promotion.

Choice Privileges hotels at 8,000 points per night were widely available in rate checks I performed for stays of 1 to 4 nights in all the cities listed above and more.

Reward Rate Check: London – November 25-27, 2013

Central and Metropolitan London has 19 hotels in Quality Inn, Comfort and Clarion brands, all at 8,000 points per reward night, except Clarion Collection Hotel Richmond Gate at 20,000 points.

16 of 19 hotels available for a reward night at 8,000 points per night on a 2-night stay Nov 25-27, 2013.

Choice London-x










Reward Rate Check: Paris  November 21-25, 2013

Central and metropolitan Paris have 42 Choice Hotels and 18 of these have Paris city addresses.

All 42 hotels are currently 8,000 point reward nights.

The four night reward check for Nov 21-25 shows 9 of 18 Paris hotels currently available with 32,000 points paying for a 4-night hotel stay.

Change the dates to the Friday to Sunday weekend of October 25-27 and 40 of 42 hotels are available in the Paris metropolitan area for 8,000 points per night.

Choice Paris







There was open availability at nearly all hotels in quick searches of Venice, Rome, Cannes, Prague, Berlin, Munich, Dublin and more.

Need Points Fast?


You can also buy points at $11 per 1,000 points, up to 20,000 points per person per calendar year. This means a couple can normally buy 40,000 points for $440. Choice Privileges is giving 10% bonus points for purchases through September 23 meaning $220 buys 22,000 points.

I was one of the buyers during the June 27, 2013 Daily Getaways purchasing 152,000 Choice Privileges points ($580).

Looks like that summer gamble paid off.


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  • Ric Garrido September 16, 2013

    Having a problem today with incorrect images posting in place of the images I originally inserted.

    Hope to get this fixed soon with the assistance of BoardingArea technical staff, but I will leave these images for SPG and IHG in place for a while to help diagnose the technical problem.

  • Sergio September 16, 2013

    Thank you!!! I was able to change my original reservation (Paris in October) and I got a decent amount of points back, thanks again!!!

  • Moey September 16, 2013

    Just booked a stay in Paris for 8k a night. What a steal!!! Thanks big time

  • Vit September 16, 2013

    What can I do with my high points that is going to expire end of dec13, I don’t have any plan to use hotel this yr. thanks

  • Nevafazeme September 16, 2013

    @Vit Is there a Choice Privileges airline partner that you are willing to transfer your expiring points to?? I usually choose Southwest, but there are others.

  • Murtuza September 16, 2013

    @Ric – There is 30% off promo for selected choice hotels on non-refundable rates which can be combined with their earn 8k promo after 2 stays.

  • The Masked Poster September 16, 2013

    I’m not going to be in Paris until Feb, and Choice doesn’t allow reservations with points more than 60 days out. Hope the prices continue to hold at 8000 until then. Maybe I should reserve now at the higher points, then ask for a refund later, should there be a decrease. Any advice?

  • Ric Garrido September 17, 2013

    @Vit – Choice Privileges has one of the best hotel points to airline miles transfer rates with Southwest Airlines among hotel loyalty programs.

    You can redeem points for gift cards.

    @The Masked Poster – You can’t make points reservations for February yet. Choice Hotels has a 60-day window for reward nights international reservations unless you have Platinum or Diamond elite status.

  • Jason September 17, 2013

    Anything in europe thats really exceptional/stands out at 8K points ? I mean I’m not saying they all are not great deals, just 8K points in the city is a steal but is there any hotels in any city that really stand out as exceptional ? Just wondering.

  • Jason September 17, 2013

    wow, also its not just Europe.
    It seems like every hotel in Japan (I checked tokyo and osaka) are just 8K points, is this normal??? what a deal.

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