Analysis of Hyatt Stay Certificate price increases in California

California has 53 Hyatt brand hotels and an analysis of the recent changes to hotel tier category reveals Hyatt had major changes with no member warning. Over 10% of Hyatt brand hotels worldwide are located in California.

36 of 53 hotels in California increased recently in Hyatt Stay Certificate tier level meaning the cost for one night using Stay Certificates has risen at these hotels.

Grand Hyatt San Francisco leads the state with a $204.55 increase in the price of a one night Hyatt Stay Certificate. Nine hotels increased by more than $100 per night. {Note: the table below has the incorrect difference for this hotel at $194.55. It is far more work to change the data in the image than it should be.]

One hotel went down in tier level and price, Andaz San Diego from $325.55 to $260 per night using Hyatt Stay Certificates.

15 hotels remain at the same price and tier level today with no change in price for a Hyatt Stay Certificate compared to six months ago in February 2013.

53 Hyatt brand hotels in California

Recent changes to Hyatt Stay Certificates increased the cost of one night at 36 hotels. 16 hotels had no price change and one hotel dropped in price.

  • + $204.55 = 1 hotel = Grand Hyatt San Francisco
  • + $151.00 = 2 hotels = both Hyatt House hotels in SF Bay Area.
  • + $135.66 = 3 hotels
  • + $107.78 = 3 hotels
  • + $79.89 = 10 hotels.
  • + $71.11 = 4 hotels.
  • + $65.55 = 3 hotels.
  • + $43.22 = 6 hotels
  • +36.67 = 4 hotels.
  • No change = 16 hotels
  • – $65.55 = 1 hotel with Andaz San Diego dropping one tier level.

Bottom line is Hyatt made a significant change to the Hyatt Stay Certificate program by adjusting the tier level of hotels with no advance notice to Hyatt Gold Passport members.

There are still hotel rate savings to be found using  Hyatt Stay Certificates, however, the discounts will be harder to find in California and some other places.

Basics of Hyatt Stay Certificates

Hyatt Stay Certificates are prepaid certificates for purchase through the Hyatt website. These certificates are available in seven price points and can offer significant savings at some hotels. The table in this post shows the lowest certificate price eligible at each hotel for a free night.

Hyatt Stay Certificates are like paid award stays in terms of no points or night/stay credit are earned when paying with a Hyatt Stay Certificate. Elite benefits are provided when using Hyatt Stay Certificates.

  • Classic = $109.00
  • Choice = $152.22
  • Premier = $188.89
  • Elite = $260.00
  • Inspire = $325.55
  • Exclusive = $394.44
  • Ultimate = $461.11

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  1. Highlands Inn Hyatt Vacation Club at $260 will usually be a bargain. The $109 Hyatt Place hotels will often be a bargain.

  2. @dan ray You do not earn stay credit or points on the room potion of your stay. You should earn points on extras, like meals.

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