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Table of Lowest Price Hyatt Stay Certificate for USA Hotels

Hyatt Stay Certificates have seen several changes in the past two years. This post shows a table with the dollar cost of Hyatt Stay Certificates for 392 hotels in the USA ranging from $109 for a Classic Hotel category and $461.11 for an Ultimate hotel category night.

[Update: 8/31/2013 – The graphic in this post shows 392 hotels and is huge. The image does not load on my iPad when I look at this post, therefore I have broken the image up into 11 images in separate posts on August 31 organized alphabetically by states. The full list will have links here for easier loading of smaller tables.

Hyatt Stay Certificates come in 7 price tiers. The table below shows the lowest priced Hyatt Stay Certificate accepted for one free night at participating USA hotels.

  • Classic = $109.00
  • Choice = $152.22
  • Premier = $188.89
  • Elite = $260.00
  • Inspire = $325.55
  • Exclusive = $394.44
  • Ultimate = $461.11

Hyatt Stay Certificates can be purchased for 1, 2, 3 or 5 nights. There is no discount for buying a multiple night certificate so it is safer to buy single one-night certificates and combine them for your hotel stay  based on how many nights you need. There is no credit if you use a 2-night certificate for a 1-night stay.

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Hyatt Stay Certificates Price for 392 USA Hotels

Hyatt has a confusing table to show which Hyatt Stay Certificates are valid at participating hotels. You only need the lowest level certificate acceptable to pay for your night. The Hyatt table is unnecessarily confusing.


August 2013 Hyatt Stay Certificate Participating Hotels and tier level.

I created this table as a useful resource for comparing the published rates to the cost of a Hyatt Stay certificate for every Hyatt brand hotel in the USA.


Lucky on One Mile at a Time wrote a piece this morning pointing out unannounced changed to participating properties in the Hyatt Stay Certificates. His post resulted in my making a detailed analysis of changes over the past two years to find many hotels have changed Hyatt Stay Certificate tier.

More hotels are available now that Hyatt Place and Hyatt House participate in the program. Many luxury segment hotels have increased significantly from 2011 as the Ultimate tier in August 2013 is more than $200 per night more expensive than the highest certificate tier at $250 was in August 2011.

Looking at the Hyatt website table I realized that it would be much easier to understand Hyatt Stay Certificates if I created a table showing the lowest priced certificate accepted at Hyatt brand hotels in the USA for Hotel Stay Certificates at today’s rates.



Rates for Hyatt Stay Certificates at all USA hotel locations (Aug 30, 2013).

This post of USA Hyatt brand hotels will see a follow up post to cover the current Hyatt Stay Certificate rates for international hotels.

Another follow up post will show the changes in Hyatt Stay Certificates over the past 20 months. This is an area of Hyatt discount rates I have followed since before my blog was hosted on Boarding Area. Some hotels are actually lower in cost in August 2013 than two years ago, while many hotels went up significantly as two higher Stay Certificate tiers were added in December 2011 and December 2012.

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  • Carl August 30, 2013

    Many of these hotels are routinely available for rates significantly lower than these certificate costs.

    When staying on the certificate, are Gold Passport stay credits and points earned?

  • Nevafazeme August 30, 2013

    This is an extremely helpful post…more helpful than I can even explain. Thank you for this!!

  • JW HPN August 31, 2013

    This is great work thank you. It looks like the opportunity to get significantly discounted big city hotel stays with this program is probably gone. A lot of the lowest rates listed for NY/CA/VA & DC are the same as a AAA or corporate rate.

  • Ric Garrido August 31, 2013

    @Carl – Many of these hotels are regularly lower than the cost of a Stay Certificate and many are regularly higher.

    That is why I wanted to create a table for a quick comparison of rates.

    Hyatt Stay Certificates do not earn points, count for promotions or earn stay/night credit.

    They are like award nights. Elite benefits are provided.

  • Matt August 31, 2013

    Ric, this is great! Any chance you could post the file itself as either an Excel file or Google doc? It would be nice to be able to search (Ctrl+F doesn’t work on the image) and enable sorting.

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