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Praha on my mind (Prague)

Prague, Czech Republic is a city where the architecture of old buildings is enchanting for someone coming from California where old is Art Deco and really old is whitewashed adobe brick.

In winter 2007 we stayed a week in Prague in a suite at the boutique hotel Residence Nosticova.

08 Residence Nosticova Hradcany room

To date this is the only hotel room I have stayed with a piano. Kelley played the piano during our stay.

02 Residence Nosticova doorway

AD 1647 tiles mark the hotel entrance of Residence Nosticova in the Mala Strana old town.

The Charles Bridge was a close walk from the hotel. The bonus feature when walking back to the hotel from the bridge was a beer store with hundreds of Czech and imported beers.

52 Karlov Most Charles Bridge Praha

Karlov Most Praha, Charles Bridge Prague

46 Cathedral Arches Praha

Cathedral on Castle Hill.

Hradcany, the castle on the hill is the landmark site in the city of Prague.

We had a view of the castle from our hotel room.

51 Hradcany (Castle) District Praha

Hradcany, Prague Castle.

36 Praha Vista 3

The haze of February winter days meant close-up photos came out better on our walks.

45 Hradcany Cathedral Door

Hradcany cathedral doors.

48a Hradcany District doorway Praha

The Old Town Square is where the gathering action happens in Prague. The astronomical clock in the square is the third oldest in the world and the oldest working clock.

69 Astronomical Clock Stare Mesto Praha

The Orlaj, Prague Astronomical Clock installed in 1410.

One tourist tip is be careful on the escalators. I have only seen subway escalators in London as long as the escalators at some subway stations in Prague. They are so steep as to induce vertigo and their speed is about twice as fast as a typical U.S. escalator. It is a thrill ride just to reach the subway platforms.

02 malastranka subway station

Malostranka subway station wall.

One of the TV channels I have been watching this past week has Czech Tourism commercials. I have visited the Czech Republic twice in 2000 and 2007. I enjoyed both trips despite the language barrier when getting off the usual tourist track like in the Prague super markets and rural towns.

70 Staromestka Nam City Square Praha

Prague is a beautiful city to visit.

Revisiting Praha has been on my mind.


  • Denise August 21, 2013

    I visited Prague in 1994, 2000 and this past June (2013). It is still a gorgeous city and I loved it, but there were so many people this time. I felt a bit sad about that.

  • […] Prague (Praha) on my mind. By Loyalty Traveler. I had a travel moment here in…1987 during my college credit travel European tour. Late at night, coming back from the castle, over Charles bridge, light raining, a bit buzzed from a few beverages, listening to my Walkman (yeah, remember?) and listening to the Smiths…Wow. I still get the chills. During this trip I got the travel bug. Then I got married, kids came along and it has been downhill ever since…just kidding! Prague was SO insanely cheap back then, not any more! […]

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