Starwood Birth Year Rate discounts

One of my favorite Starwood promotions is the Birth Year discount rate. The basic idea is pay full rate for the first night and the second night rate is based on your birth year. Some hotels offer a third night birth year rate, but those seem to be far fewer than in years past.

Starwood Birth Year rates are only available at select hotels in the U.S., Canada and Caribbean. These rates are frequently unavailable even at participating hotels and some properties limit the rate to weekend nights.

Birth Year can be a great savings or a mediocre savings or no savings at all. The best value tends to be in a place where rates are sky high anyway and the Birth Year can drop the nightly rate by $50 to $100 over a two night stay.

My birth year is 1960 so I would pay $60 for the second night. I am looking at a deal for my parents that would cut their second night rate to $32 based on a birth year date of 1932.

Here are some sample rates for one hotel in Victoria, Canada. This may not be an aspirational property, but for someone visiting Victoria in peak season with peak hotel rates, there are some good deals to be found with the Starwood Birth Year rate.

Four Points by Sheraton Victoria Gateway

This is one of the few hotels in British Columbia that allows a three night Birth Year rate. Sample dates for Sunday to Wednesday, August 11-14 show the lowest available rate at $143CAD with AAA with day before arrival no penalty cancellation.

  • Traditional 2 Queen Beds = CAD $147 prepaid, nonrefundable.
  • Traditional Queen Bed = CAD $159 flexible rate, day before arrival no penalty cancellation.
  • Family Room, 2 Queen Beds = CAD $177, prepaid, nonrefundable.
  • Suite, King Bed, kitchenette = CAD $197, prepaid, nonrefundable.
  • Suite, 2 Queen Beds, kitchenette, balcony = CAD $219, flexible rate, day before arrival no penalty cancellation.

Starwood Birth Year Rates at Four Points Sheraton Victoria Gateway

  • Birth Year rates all have day before arrival cancellation with no penalty.
  • Traditional 2 Queen Beds = CAD $169 Birth Year rate for 2nd and 3rd nights.
  • Traditional King Bed = CAD $194 flexible rate, day before arrival no penalty cancellation.
  • Family Room, 2 Queen Beds, kitchenette = CAD $209, prepaid, nonrefundable.
  • Suite, 2 Queen Beds, kitchenette, balcony = CAD $229, flexible rate, day before arrival no penalty cancellation.


Four Points Victoria Birth Year rates August 11-14, 2013.

For me the Birth Year rate of $60 for the second and third nights at the Four Points Victoria reduces the three night rate for a 2 Queen Beds suite from CAD $657 (flexible rate) for three nights down to CAD $349 for three nights with the second and third night at $60 per night. The cancellation policy is the same for both rates at one day before arrival cancellation allowed with no penalty.

My parents can book this hotel room for three nights at CAD $293.

The AAA rate at $143 for one Queen bed in a small standard room would be $429 for a three night hotel stay. Starwood Birth Year rate reduces the cost of this hotel to less than $350 for three nights in a suite for me and less than $300 for my parents.

There are some good savings with Starwood Birth Year rates in some locations.


Starwood Birth Year rates.

One of the drawbacks of the Birth Year rate are the subset of hotels that charge an extra $100 + Birth Year for this offer. The Birth Year rate can still be a bargain on dates when many of these hotels are over $300 and $400 per night.

***Hotels that charge $100 + your birth year for your second and third night include:

  • Hotel Ivy, Minneapolis
  • Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel
  • The Westin New York Grand Central
  • The Equinox Golf Resort & Spa, Vermont,
  • The Liberty Hotel, Boston
  • The Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa, Hollywood, Florida
  • The Westin Kierland Resort & Spa
  • The Westin Resort & Spa, Tremblant
  • W Atlanta – Midtown
  • W Atlanta – Buckhead
  • W Chicago – Lakeshore
  • W Dallas – Victory
  • W Fort Lauderdale
  • W Retreat & Spa – Vieques Island

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  1. What type of rooms are eligible for this promo? Can I for example pay full rate for a suite on the first night and get my birthday year price for second and third nights on the same room?

  2. @Santistico – That is the example I showed in this post for a suite at Four Points. If you book the suite for the first night, you get to stay in that same room for the second or third nights.

  3. Interesting. Just did a search for a 3 nights at the Westin in Fort Lauderdale for my parents in September. You can get the presidential suite for $294 for the first night and that would be $44 for the second and thir night (using their bithday year). Overall the average night for the presidential suite would be $127. Not bad at all.

  4. I live in Victoria and I can tell you that this property is well in the suburbs and not where you want to stay.

    This is a good deal but the problem is that they will be far from downtown and many of the main tourism attractions. The drive in the mornings into town can be quiet long.

  5. @Santastico – I booked a vacation to Florida for my parents a few years back using several of the Birth Year rates.

    @Steve – My parents won’t be staying there. It was just an example hotel to show rate savings.

    Personally I like hotels in the suburbs in some places rather than being in the crowded downtown. I have toured Victoria in summer when cruise ships are in town.

  6. I booked this rate once and was charged a much higher rate at checkout. It was only after calling for a Manager that they agreed to honor the rate. They now state that it is the guests job to make sure the ID is verified to keep all data honest.

  7. Ric,

    The Westin NY Grand Central is not a participating hotel. Also a further data point, the Aloft Harlem is blocked out all the way to December

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