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Deep Rate Discount with Expedia 48 hour sale and Marriott LNF claims

Expedia has a 48-hour sale running through midnight Sunday, July 7 offering 30% off at select hotels. Yesterday, I booked several stays with Marriott brand hotels in Denver, Colorado and then filed Look No Further Best Rate Guarantee claims by phone and web claim form. All of my claims were approved.

Marriott Look No Further approved claims give 25% off the lower rate.

  • Marriott website rate = $169.
  • Expedia website rate = $118.30 (30% off)
  • Marriott Look No Further Rate = $88.72 (25% off $118.30)
  • Rate Savings = $80.28 per night; a 47.5% rate discount on the Marriott rate I originally booked for the hotel stay.

Marriott Look No Further Best Guarantee Rate Claim Procedure


  1. You must first book the Marriott brand hotel through a Marriott reservation channel, either online or by phone before you can file a Look No Further guarantee.
  2. Within 24 hours of making a Marriott channel reservation, the guest can file a Look No Further Best Rate Guarantee claim, by phone 800-771-LOOK (5665) or online if a lower rate is found on a competitive website.
  3. Your LNF claim will be processed within 24 hours and if approved the room rate on your reservation will be lowered by 25% off the lower competing rate found. You receive an email with the new lower rate for your hotel stay.

Yesterday I filed three Marriott Look No Further claims based on the Expedia 48 hour sale rate and all three of my claims were approved. (Note: Two of my claims processed in 4.5 hours and third claim processed in 10 hours.)

Basic steps: I loaded up, filtered hotels to only look at Marriott brand hotels, then compared Marriott rates to the Kayak rates. Expedia’s 48-hour sale provided plenty of options for valid Marriott Look No Further claims.

I checked to see the room types were the same and the cancellation policies were similar. I only booked hotel reservations on where I could cancel without penalty if the Look No Further claim was denied.

All three of my claims were approved.

Hotel 1: $129 rate booked on Marriott website. LNF claim submitted based on $90.30 rate (30% discount) on Expedia. Final LNF rate for Marriott brand stay = $67.72.

Hotel 2: $94 rate booked on Marriott website. LNF claim submitted based on $61 rate (35% discount) on Final LNF rate for Marriott brand stay = $45.82.

Hotel 3: $169 rate booked on Marriott website. LNF claim submitted based on $118.30 rate (30% discount) on Final LNF rate for Marriott brand stay = $88.72.

  • $561 in hotel stays booked on Marriott websites.
  • $290.97 final rate for four nights after Look No Further rate adjustment.
  • One free Category 1-5 night will be earned with two hotel stays. A second free category 1-5 night will be earned after one more Marriott brand stay before September 2, 2013.

The best part of these Marriott stays is each reduced rate stay on a Look No Further claim qualifies for the current stay twice and earn one free night promotion. Two hotel nights for $115 total rate will earn one free night at a Marriott category 1-5 hotel with my Unexpected Bonus promotion of one free night every two stays from May 15, 2013 through September 2, 2013.

The free night I redeem will almost certainly save more than $115 in room rate when I redeem it sometime over the next year.

My summer travel hotel stays booked so far include $30 hotel nights at Holiday Inn Express and deeply discounted Marriott brand hotel stays using Expedia’s current 48 hour sale discount rates ending today combined with Marriott’s Look No Further Best Rate Guarantee to book Marriott stays at about 50% of the published rates on the Marriott website.

This summer’s road trip is starting to remind me of last summer’s road travels in California and Oregon when I booked several Best Rate Guarantee claims for discount rates and free room nights (IHG and Choice give one free night for successful Best Rate Guarantee claims). I booked free nights, earned 44,000 points from Club Carlson on one discount night hotel stay at Park Inn Fresno, earned $100 gift card from Best Western on a $60 Best Rate Guarantee hotel stay and then traveled to Oregon for three nights to stay at The Lodge at Running Y Ranch, a Holiday Inn Resort for 15,000 points using PointBreaks while I visited Crater Lake.

The Lodge at Running Y Ranch, a Holiday Inn Resort (July 23, 2012)


Ric Garrido, writer and owner of Loyalty Traveler, shares news and views on hotels, hotel loyalty programs and vacation destinations for frequent guests.

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  • PSL July 7, 2013

    Looked on Expedia website and hotel rates seemed no different than usual. Is there a link to the 30 percent off sale?

  • Agreed with PSL. I am not sure I am seeing the sale.

  • Ric Garrido July 7, 2013

    I checked first and looked for rate discrepancies. They are easy to find when filtering the list just for “all Marriott brands” and seeing where there are big rate differences.

    Just checked San Francisco and did not see any rate differences. In Denver there were several and when I clicked on Expedia the page shows a room rate with a sale discount ending today (15+ hours). It is only about 25% of the Marriott brand hotels with the sale rate.

    So I checked three other cities and did not find any Expedia discrepancies. Perhaps it is a Denver thing, though I did find one in Salt Lake City yesterday based on Expedia rates.

    In Philadelphia there were some huge rate discrepancies with and has rate discrepancies in Kansas City.

  • Carl July 7, 2013

    Nice score Ric! I like how you leveraged the BRG with the bonus night promotion. Really like these posts, much better than some of your peers oohing and ahhing over executive lounges and the like. Like you, i use local markets to buy my beer and snacks. Looking forward to your posts about the parks and scenery along the way.

  • LSM July 7, 2013

    The 2 Marriot hotels I’ll be staying at next month are one penny cheaper on Expedia that Marriott’s site. Think Marriott will do the 25% discount off the
    cheaper price even if it’s just 1 penny cheaper?

  • Danny July 7, 2013

    Great information! I saved big on 4 hotels. I booked one night at the Renaissance Los Angeles Airport Hotel for $159 on and they approved the LNF for $74.36 as Kayak showed it for $99.14.

  • alex October 26, 2013

    sorry, im a bit late to this, but i have booked an LNF rate on marriott and when my claim was approved, my reservation details was adjusted to show that I can cancel up to 1 day prior to arrival. long story short, I ended up cancelling and now marriott won’t refund me as the original terms were advanced purchase. I really did thought once the LNF rate was approved it becomes a fully flexible rate, thats why I booked it. Do you have any advice? Thanks

  • Ric Garrido October 27, 2013

    @Alex – If the original rate booked was a prepaid, advance purchase rate, then I would expect that to be the prevailing rate even if rate rules appeared to change after filing LNF claim.

    I have only seen the reverse happen where an approved claim had more restrictive conditions than the original rate rules.

    Sorry, I have no advice on your case.

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