Choice Hotel Points on Daily Getaways

I will try to buy Choice Hotel points today during the 1pm ET Daily Getaways sale. I prefer to buy points rather than earn them more slowly the traditional way during Choice Privileges promotion for 8,000 points after two stays.

There are four packages available.

20,000 points = $102 ($91.80 with American Express payment). Purchase price is $4.59 or $5.10 per 1,000 points. 190 sets of points are available and there is a limit of 2 sets per member. This means as few as 95 people in the U.S. may end up buying all these points.

32,000 points = $134 ($120.60 with American Express payment). Purchase price is $3.77 or $4.19 per 1,000 points. 660 sets of points are available and there is a limit of 2 sets per member.

36,000 points = $156 ($140.40 with American Express payment). Purchase price is $3.90 or $4.33 per 1,000 points. 795 sets of points are available and there is a limit of 2 sets per member.

40,000 points = $166 ($149.40 with American Express payment). Purchase price is $3.74 or $4.15 per 1,000 points. 325 sets of points are available and there is a limit of 2 sets per member.

Buy Choice Points Deal Analysis

Last week I posted an analysis of the Daily Getaways Choice Privileges offers.

In April and May I stayed two times at Choice Hotels brands on a trip to Disneyland and when I roadtripped from Monterey to Colorado Springs. I earned 8,000 points with two separate hotel one-night stays.

I should find myself in Europe in fall 2013 and winter 2014 where there are generally dozens of hotels at 8,000 points per night. Choice Privileges is fond of advertising its promotion for 8,000 points after two stays as being a free night at over 1,500 hotels. The aspect of that claim that goes unmentioned is most hotels in the USA at 6,000 and 8,000 points per night are economy level hotels with low rates most of the year.

The real value of Choice Privileges points is for international hotels that regularly drop from 20,000 and 25,000 points per night in peak season to 8,000 points per night in the off-season. In Europe there are more than 400 Choice Hotels. Several countries in Europe and in some other international countries seasonal hotel reward rates generally offer dozens of hotels two seasons per year when reward nights drop to 8,000 points at otherwise 3-star and 4-star hotels with regular room rates over $200 per night.

The other value of Choice Hotels points is for road travel when you are passing through rural areas with few hotel options. Choice Hotels with 5,000+ hotels in the USA has far more hotels that any of the other major hotel brands, except Wyndham. There are hundreds of towns where Choice Hotels and Wyndham Hotels and perhaps one other brand are located. Road trips are why I always try to have a balance of Choice Privileges and Wyndham Rewards points for last minute hotel bookings. I tend to save $50 per night or so compared to the price to buy points when I pick up a last minute midscale hotel in a place on the back roads of Oregon, Utah and Colorado.

Here is the link to Choice Privileges hotels for 6,000 or 8,000 points. This list does not include many of the hotels that are currently at 8,000 points in cities like Paris and London and rising to 20,000 or 25,000 points beginning July 1 for the summer season.

Choice Privileges Reward Nights

  • There are no blackout dates!
  • There are over 1,500 Choice hotels with reward nights at 8,000 points or less.    Click here to see the list.
  • Reward nights at Choice hotels worldwide are available from 6,000 to 35,000 points (excluding Australasia where points required are up to 75,000)
  • Point requirements for some hotels may vary based on time of year
  • Book up to 30 days in advance for hotels in the U.S. or Canada or 60 days in advance for hotels outside of the U.S. and Canada
  • Reward nights can be booked 50 days in advance for Elite Gold members staying in the U.S. and Canada or 60 days in advance for hotels outside of the U.S. and Canada.
  • Reward nights can be booked 75 days in advance for Elite Platinum members and 100 days for Elite Diamond members.

Redeem Points Link

The other main caveat to Choice Privileges is points expire after December 31 two years following the date points were earned. Buy points today and they will expire December 31, 2015 if you have not used them.

My advice is do not buy Choice Privileges points today if you do not have a plan to use them over the next 30 months.


Daily Getaways Choice Privileges 40,000 points = $166. Pay with American Express and the price is 10% less.


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  1. I personally think this is a great deal because even if you do not think you will use them for hotel points, you can use them for the gas card promotion going on right now. Each $50 gas card is on “sale” for 8,000 points. If you buy 40,000 points, that’s 5 gas cards you can get.

    5 gas cards x $50 each = $250 in value
    BUT you are only paying $150, so you are saving $100 in gas!

    That sounds like a pretty awesome deal to me. Of course you can get better value by spending in hotels, but I’ll take $100 in free gas, too 😉

  2. you cant redeem gas car unless you have earned the points from the two stays promotion. so it is not possible to buy points, and then convert to gas card.

  3. What if you have already stayed two stays thus unlocking the promotion? Wouldn’t it be valid then?

  4. My understanding is that if u earn the 8000 points x times, u can then redeem 50 dollars gas card x times. So, whether u buy points or not is not going to make any difference.

  5. Hurray, I got 2 sets of 40000, within the first minute. At first they were sold out, then kept hitting “retry” and finally “purchase” or whatever, came up. Asked how many sets I wanted (2), then name, choice number, cc info, and Congrats, you’ve bought points.

  6. Sweet, thanks for the analysis and heads up. I just got one package with 20,000 points and one with 36, 000 points. This year I have an American Express. Thanks. Now, I’ll have a cheaper stay in Europe.

  7. I purchased 152,000 points with no issue of getting blocked out of the sales.

    I think I will be living a Choice life on my next two trips to Europe.

  8. Paris, Feb.20-25. The next challenge will be finding a hotel in the area I want, the 7th. 80,000 points will come in VERY handy.

  9. Ric,

    Thanks for the link. I was able to get 40,000 points at 1:00 and refreshed the 32,000 points for a few minutes and able to purchase one of those after the 40,000 were sold out.

  10. this year is much easier than last year, i was able to buy the max 2 years ago. i remember taht it didnt sold out until 2 hours after… last yaer, i wasnt able to get anything. the points that was purchased 2 years ago will expire this december, and i have 5000 points left. this is a great deal for me as i have used it for Japan, and did two nights for a room of 3 in Tromso for 16000 points. now that i can get 176000 points this year, i can now plan some more interesting trips! It makes my day. i think i lot of people were buying points last year with expectation for scoring a cheap hit with Grandslam. so a lot of people are stuck with the points now, hence less demand this year.

  11. Anyone have an update on when points will post? I called Choice and the agent didn’t know anything about the promotion… hope to make a reservation for next week

  12. I still show no point activity in my Choice account. Perhaps Choice is waiting to hear back from Club Carlson on the best way to print money.

  13. Inquired with Daily Getaways two days ago regarding no points in my Choice acct. Response email said points will be deposited by July 11th. Nothing yet today. Wanted to try and use them next week. Anyone else recieve them yet? Thanks

  14. Just checked and my points have not yet posted.

    Wyndham points purchased in Daily Getaways 5 days after Choice points purchase posted yesterday.

  15. I called Choice yesteday, indicating that on my receipt that if I had not received the points in 10 days, I should call the Choice Center number.

    I was told that I had to contact Daily Getaways. I responded that the receipt is a binding contract and that it indicates to call Choice, not American Express and not Daily Getaways. I asked for a case number, and the manager asked me to mail Choice directly with the receipts. I am still waiting to hear.

    I want to use the points for my stay in Europe where I am now. Perhaps there is a delay so that Choice can change their charts?

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