Daily Getaways Choice Privileges points vs. Choice Hotels stays

Next Thursday, at 1pm ET June 27, Choice Privileges hotel points will be on sale through U.S. Travel Association’s Daily Getaways.

There are four packages available.

20,000 points = $102 ($91.80 with American Express payment). Purchase price is $4.59 or $5.10 per 1,000 points. 190 sets of points are available and there is a limit of 2 sets per member. This means as few as 95 people in the U.S. may end up buying all these points.

32,000 points = $134 ($120.60 with American Express payment). Purchase price is $3.77 or $4.19 per 1,000 points. 660 sets of points are available and there is a limit of 2 sets per member.

36,000 points = $156 ($140.40 with American Express payment). Purchase price is $3.90 or $4.33 per 1,000 points. 795 sets of points are available and there is a limit of 2 sets per member.

40,000 points = $166 ($149.40 with American Express payment). Purchase price is $3.74 or $4.15 per 1,000 points. 325 sets of points are available and there is a limit of 2 sets per member.


Disregard the hotel brand marketing for Cambria Suites, Comfort Inn, Comfort Suites and Sleep Inn. You are buying Choice Privileges points which can be redeemed for any Choice Hotels brand.

One of the best hotel values for Choice Privileges points is using them to redeem for international hotels in places like Paris and London where seasonal reward rates drop hotels to 8,000 points per night when rates are often over $200 per night.

Choice Privileges 8,000 points for two stays May 23–Aug 31, 2013 (Loyalty Traveler post May 21). The big value with this promotion is the ability to find high quality hotels in Europe and other international locations at 8,000 points at a higher market segment than hotels in the U.S. offered for 8,000 points.

Great Paris value Choice Hotels 8,000 points reward nights (Loyalty Traveler post – April 15)

While the 8,000 points reward nights ends June 30, there will likely be a return of these low rates for European hotels in September or October.

Comparison of the cost to buy points through Daily Getaways versus the cost to earn points in Las Vegas.

Last week in Las Vegas I was blown away by the under $30 per night room rates at Clarion by the Las Vegas Convention Center.


Clarion Hotel Las Vegas $28 rate for Tuesday July 9, 2013.

Rates under $30 on weekdays are common for this Las Vegas Clarion Hotel. At rates this low you can add the Clarion to your hotel check-in list and even stay at some other Las Vegas Strip Resort hotel for the night while earning Choice Privileges credit.

Book two nonconsecutive midweek nights for $60 all-in and earn 8,000 Choice Privileges points.

This is effectively buying points for $7.50 per 1,000 points while earning Choice Privileges elite credit. The price is even lower if you are elite with Choice Privileges. And you get a Las Vegas hotel room too if the Clarion is suitable for your needs.

Obviously buying Choice Privileges points during the Daily Getaways sale next Thursday is the cheaper option for acquiring Choice Privileges points.

But earning 8,000 points with two nights at the Las Vegas Clarion Hotel is also a cheap way to acquire sufficient points for a free night at a Clarion Collection, Comfort Inn or Quality Inn in Paris or London later this year.

Paying $60 to earn 8,000 points is a significant savings if you can redeem Choice Privileges points at an expensive European hotel.

Buying points directly from Choice Privileges is limited to 20,000 points per calendar year at $11 per 1,000 points.

Daily Getaways and the Choice Privileges summer promotion offer two good routes to acquiring hotel points for travel discounts.


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  1. For those who prefer unique properties over cookie cutter hotels, Choice has added a new collection of more upscale boutique and historic properties — the Ascend Collection.

  2. Most customers can only redeem these points within 30 days of stay domestically or 60 days internationally. The award booking window is otherwise closed, even as Choice elites may get a somewhat extend booking window (domestically more than internationally).

  3. I bought a Choice package last year which was meant to be a Grand Slam hit. Of course Grand Slam didn’t happen and with the AA merger it’s off the table for good. I think that was the main value in buying non-aspirational hotel points last year. We are going to Europe next year and hope the Choice hotels don’t book up before they come into that 60 day window because using them in Australia isn’t worth it and there are better options in the USA.

  4. I actually got the 8,000 points but used them for a gas card. ($50 in gas is hard to argue with). I didn’t realize you could also use them for valuable hotels, though. So that’s good to know.

    Are there any hotels in Germany that offer the 8,000 point break? Or any other hotels in other areas of Europe besides Paris?

  5. @Rachel – there are Choice Hotels in several European countries that offer reward nights at 8,000 points per night. Most of them go to higher rates July 1 for the summer season. In September many hotels will likely drop again to 8,000 points for the fall season.

  6. @GUWonder – the 60-day booking window internationally kind of helps keep availability open for reward nights. There is usually good availability for Choice Privileges in Europe.

  7. The award booking window is what it is and doesn’t change award availability, as the franchise/operating agreements are what they are in terms of mandated room availability using points and related reimbursements for award nights — that makes availability using points what it is. Availability of award nights is as good as it gets, if you can restrict your planning to within the very limited booking windows (mostly 60 days internationally) for award nights.

  8. To me, 60 days is a significant booking window. I understand some travelers want everything planned far in advance of that.

    Room awards can’t be booked more than 60 days in advance for Americans. That gives Americans 30 more days than Europeans who can’t book European Choice Hotels more than 30 days in advance unless elite members in Choice Privileges.

  9. A question regarding Choice Rewards points:
    A friend has 10k Amtrak points, which can be converted to Choice, but once converted, Choice allows NO personal transfers. NO, as in NONE. They do, however, seem to have transfer partners, but which of the partners allows those points to be further transferred to another person. In other words, we want to consolidate all the points into my account, in the event I’m able to score this Thursday. Any help? Thank you for any and all assistance.

  10. @The Masked Poster – I think you’d lose too much value transferring Choice Points to another currency to make it worthwhile to buy points.

    Choice points are good for some hotel stays at low award rates. I don’t think transferring the points to another currency keeps much value for Choice Points.

    Airline miles are not a good enough exchange rate to buy points, even at $3.75/1,000 points.

    Getting a hotel room in Paris for $30 in points is cool.

    Getting 8,000 miles from 40,000 points for $150 is a decent deal, but not great.

    Those 40,000 points can be worth $1,000 at the right hotels offering 8,000 points reward nights.

  11. The transfer would only be for Amtrak>Choice>?. The purchased points will be in my account, so all I want is a way to get her Amtrak(Choice)points into my account. That way, we’ll have a consolidated account for booking a hotel in Paris next February. Make sense?

  12. The Masked Poster – It makes sense.

    Choice Privileges has a clear rule that points transfers are not allowed between members.

    I do not know much about Amtrak’s program.

    You can book hotel stays in Paris on different accounts and notify the hotel so you do not need to change rooms.

    Do you have elite status with Choice Privileges?

    Obviously there is an advantage to all the points being in your account if you are elite.

    I do not know how to do that.

  13. I do not see availability i.e. in Spain or The Netherlands.
    Could you please list the EU countries where these point-stays can be used?

  14. Hotels in France, UK, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Portugal, Sweden and Switzerland.

    Members can also redeem points for stays in Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Denmark, Lithuania but you must be a member of Nordic Choice to earn points in the Nordic countries.

    There are over 400 Choice Hotels in Europe.

  15. Thanks so much!
    I quickly checked and apparently redeem in New Zealand is also not a great value – same as in OZ.
    No go for Sochi or Russia either.

  16. @nomad – Choice Privileges seasonally drop many of the hotels in New Zealand and Australia to 8,000 points per night. Keep an eye on the rates in September or next January.

  17. Thanks again (thumbs up)!
    Will monitor diligently, since I have now a fresh load of 80k points in my brand new account – it was really easy!

  18. *Phew* 352,000 here – missed my second 2x 40k or it would’ve been a flawless 432,000. Time to book that Norway trip and then bump my entire family up to SW companion pass status!

  19. Norway is a great place for Choice points. There are numerous hotels around the country with the ability to save US$200 to $300 per might. Your Choice points should mean paying about $100 per night.

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