Melting in Vegas, so why are the resort pools closed?

Las Vegas Airport was 103 degrees at 9:00pm last night according to the National Weather Service.

This city is melting.


Las Vegas Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, Frank Gehry building architect.

The question on the mind of many Las Vegas visitors at the major casino hotels on the Strip is simply:

Why are all the hotel resort swimming pools closed on hot summer evenings?

I wrote a piece on Las Vegas pool hours in August 2009 after spending a week in the city for my sister’s wedding.

Skinny or Not, Pool Dipping Hours in Las Vegas are Severely Restricted (August 15, 2009)

Seriously, Las Vegas in August for a wedding?

She also vacations in Cancun in September.

Starwood Shines for Las Vegas Pool Hours

I praised the Westin Las Vegas Hotel on that August 2009 trip for being the rare pool open at night near the Las Vegas Strip.

The Westin hotel’s website now says the pool is open 24 hours a day all year.

With a variety of great hotel rooms and locations and extravagant pools on the Las Vegas Strip, there are not many reasons to choose the Westin Las Vegas for your hotel stay. But, if being in a swimming pool matters to you, then the all-night pool hours are definitely a competitive advantage to most Las Vegas Strip mega-resort casino hotels.

Otherwise, you may find yourself mostly viewing the empty pool from your hotel room window and dreaming about how comfortable it would be in the water compared to stepping outside to walk the Las Vegas Strip when it is over 100 F degrees at night.

Sample Check of Las Vegas Resort Summer Pool Hours

Caesars 9am – 6pm

Mandalay Bay 8am – 7pm

The Venetian 9am – 8pm (April –August)

The Mirage 8am – 8pm

The Cosmopolitan 8am – 8pm

MGM Grand 8am – 6pm

The hours posted here from the resort website pages in general are extended evening hours at most of these resorts compared to the survey I made in August 2009.

Last night the temperature in Las Vegas did not drop below 100 F degrees until after 10pm.

If you were one of the thousands of visitors walking the Las Vegas Strip after sunset, then chances are a cold shower in your casino resort hotel  room was the only way to cool down in hot Vegas.


Westin Las Vegas Hotel, a couple blocks off the Las Vegas Strip, offers a 24-hour pool. These pool hours are an extremely rare hotel amenity for this city in summer.

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  1. mark-

    That’s 103 at 9 pm when the sun is down. It’s been 112+ for the last 3-4 days. My car said 124 yesterday when I got in it.

  2. I wouldn’t want to be in the pool until after the sun went down. So It would have to be between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. to swim for me. I don’t tolerate heat period. If its above 80 I hibernate in the AC.

  3. The pools can be like spring break depending where your staying and when. One Memorial Day at the Venetian there were people standing wall to wall in one of the big pools.

  4. I just got back from the IPW Las Vegas opening night party at Mandalay Bay. 105 F at 10pm around the beach area.

    They let us dip our feet in the pools, but lifeguards created a barrier to keep people from getting much more than your ankles wet.

    Cold shower for me tonight to cool off.

  5. @mark – Melting is a play on words in conjunction with the building photo of the stylish Frank Gehry designed medical center near the recently opened Las Vegas Smith Center for the Performing Arts.

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