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High in Toronto up the CN Tower

CN Tower in Toronto was for many years the tallest tower in the world (1,815 ft.) from 1975-2007. Now it has dropped to #3.

Yesterday I visited the CN Tower adjacent to the Toronto Convention Center.

Blogger disclosure: One of the freebies of attending TBEX Toronto is complimentary admission to a variety of Toronto attractions courtesy of Tourism Toronto. The normal admission price is $32 for adults. Save 15% buying tickets online.


Breaking through the Glass Floor

Stepping onto a 2.5 inch thick piece of glass 1,122 feet above the ground is unsettling.

The reaction of many people, including me, to the experience of looking down over 1,100 feet to the ground below reminded me of when I tried to walk my afghan hound dog over a railroad bridge in Montpelier, Vermont back in 1981. She wouldn’t step over the gap spaces where the Winooski River flowed eighty feet below.


Glass Floor CN Tower, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

CN Tower Glass Floor facts:

  • Thickness: 2 ½ ”
    Size of each panel: 42″ by 50″
    Layers from the top down:
    • 3/16 ” scuff plate (replaced annually)
    • Two ½ ” layers of clear tempered glass, laminated together
    • A one inch layer of air (for insulation)
    • Two ¼ ” layers of clear tempered glass, laminated together
      Load tests are performed annually on each panel to ensure safety.

Edge Walk

The truly adventurous with $175CAD to spare can step outside for the Edgewalk and lean over the side on an attached line.

I would have done the Edgewalk, but that activity was not part of the TBEX freebies.

And CAD $175 buys about one case of beer in Toronto.

Just kidding. A case of Stella Artois is only $49 at The Beer Store.


View of Toronto Skydome, aka, Rogers Center from CN Tower.

One of the best deals for CN Tower is a prix fixe lunch package in the viewing section for $55 with tower admission included.


Dining in style at CN Tower the top (1,151 feet) of Toronto.

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  • Dave June 3, 2013

    I could see $10, maybe $15, but $32??

    Glad I did the glass floor walk when I was a kid on holidays and my parents were still footing the bill!

  • Ric Garrido June 3, 2013

    @Dave – Toronto is an expensive city.

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