SPG 2013 Elite (re)qualification Gift 25%-35% off award stay or 2x points for a month

SPG has a nice offer of double points or a 25% off (Gold elite) or 35% discount (Platinum elite) on one award stay for SPG members who qualify or requalify for elite status in 2013.

The 15-page FlyerTalk thread on this promotion is filled with  questions from members on the specifics which were clarified by the Starwood Lurker representatives.

1.) Gold members can choose between double Starpoints for a month or 25%-off a Starpoints redemption.

2.) Platinum members can choose between a double Starpoints month of their choice (from the three months listed as options at time of registration) or 35%-off a Starpoints redemption.

3.) The %-off redemption awards are valid for up to 5 nights at a Category 1-6 hotel or resort and are valid for 6 months from the month of registration. Fifth Night Free benefit can be combined with this award.

4.) Earning and redemption dates are served up at time of registration and they will always be in the future (may not be chosen retroactively). If you qualified today but wanted to wait and register later in the year for a double Starpoints month later in the year, or for a later redemption window on your %-off award, you may do so but there is no going back to choose previous months.

5.) Members who earn or requalify their elite status this calendar year (10 stays or 25 nights for Gold; 25 stays or 50 nights for Platinum) will be sent an email letting them know they can choose their gift. If you are not opted in to SPG promotional emails, you will still be able to access the site if you are eligible (spg.com/elitegift2013).

6.) Preferred members who achieve Gold status and Gold members requalifying are eligible for the Gold gift. Gold members who achieve Platinum status and Platinum members requalifying are eligible for the Platinum gift.

7.) If a member obtains Gold status by meeting the spend threshold on their SPG Amex cobrand credit card, they will also be eligible for the Gold gift.

8.) Lifetime Gold members who hit the Gold stay or night thresholds and Lifetime Platinums who hit the Platinum stay or night thresholds will also be eligible for gift selection.

9.) The campaign will run all year so if you haven’t earned or requalified yet there is plenty of time.

10.) All offers can be used in tandem with other promotions in market.

Starwood Lurker on FlyerTalk

To clarify the eligibility part:

Members without SPG elite in 2012 will earn the Gold and Platinum gifts in 2013 for reaching those levels in 2013.

Members with Gold elite status in 2012 will earn the Gold and Platinum gifts in 2013 for reaching those levels in 2013.

Platinum members in 2012 need to requalify for Platinum in 2013 to earn this benefit. Current SPG Platinum members do not earn the Gold elite gift for 10 stays or 25 nights in 2013; only the Platinum gift upon requalifying with 25 stays or 50 nights in 2013.

Other important specifics:

Members who earn both the Gold elite gift and Platinum elite gift need to register for their Gold elite offer first. The Gold elite offer is forfeited if the SPG member registers for the Platinum elite gift before registering for the Gold elite gift.

The reason this matters is some members may want to wait before registering for their Gold elite gift since the 25% off an award stay is valid only six months from registration date.

The award discount gift has a 6-month validity from time of registration.

Say I receive the Gold elite gift email offer today and I want to use the discount award stay in November. The discount is only available from April 25 to October 25. I would want to wait another month or two before registering my Gold elite gift so I can use the discount for a November stay.

And if I qualify for SPG Platinum in May and receive another email offer for the SPG Platinum gift, then I need to be sure to register first for the Gold elite gift and wait on the Platinum elite registration. The Platinum elite registration can even be done in December 2013 to get a 35% discount on an award stay in early 2014.

This offer is valid for all 2013. Members who qualify in December 2013 for the Gold or Platinum gift will have a few months in 2014 for redeeming the gift.

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  1. “Members with Gold elite status in 2012 will earn the Gold AND Platinum gifts in 2013 for reaching those levels in 2013.” — the AND and being able to earn gold AND platinum gift.. is that really true? that means – I can combine the bonus points offer along with the 35% off code for platinum level???

  2. The way Starwood Lurker explained the offers is a 2012 member with no status or Gold can earn both the Gold and Platinum gifts. You can redeem for 2x points for one month and then get 35% off one award stay Platinum gift.

    The double points is a specific month based on when you register for Gold gift. Platinum 2x points is the month you select from 3 month period following gift registration.

    Starwood Lurker has answered many specifics on the Flyertalk thread.

  3. I just booked my 25% off award from my Gold status, the agent booked it wrong, somehow split the 3-night stay into a 2-night and 1-night and took out the full points price. Took nearly two hours of follow-up calls and various agents to get it corrected. Each person said they were not familiar with this promo and had issues with the code I was given at registration.

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