Hyatt Highlands Inn, California panorama video

Looking back over my YouTube videos uploaded a few years back I saw this short video giving a panoramic sweep of the Hyatt Highlands Inn, Carmel Highlands, California property. This is one of Hyatt Gold Passport’s category 6 hotels. The video was likely taken from the balcony of Room 506.

Celebrating my six year anniversary of being self-employed as Loyalty Traveler with the successful inclusion of my first YouTube video on the blog with the Changing of the King’s Guard at the Royal Palace Oslo, Norway. I just now have to figure out how to upload videos in less than 12 hours. That was seriously slow.

Uganda African dancers and the view from the top of the London Eye are other videos from my trip to Europe last week.

I have always liked video and I will likely add much more video to the blog now that I have a camera that works in video mode and I figured out how to use that YouTube button on my WordPress dashboard.



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  1. It’s funny as we are staying at the Hyatt Highlight currently. I would not recommend this place thou as it is so far away from everywhere. Our t-mobile service hardly works and a young 28-year old cannot survive with limited service here. However, we received a 150 dollar gift certificate to be used up to 3 months from now to be used for the gift shop or any dining options. Or, can be used for the Hyatt Regency in Monterey at the spa there or the golf course. We attended a 90 mintures “time share presentation” which was an easy 150 bucks gain 🙂 I think it’s overly priced compared to my stay in Hyatt Regency Monterey last week.

  2. Highlands Inn should probably add that to their benefits – a place to disconnect. The internet has always worked well for me there.

    Highlands Inn is expensive. There are several very expensive properties in the area so Highlands Inn often looks like a bargain to someone considering Pebble Beach or Big Sur.

    I was in a timeshare presentation December 2011 at Highlands Inn just as the largest pod of whales I ever saw in this area were passing by the window. In retrospect I would have given up the $150 to have that time uninterrupted to watch the whales passing by.

  3. Ric, I agree with you about this property. It is one of my favorite I place to go on weekend.

  4. Its great as your other posts : D, regards for posting . “As experience widens, one begins to see how much upon a level all human things are.” by Joseph Farrell.

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