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Alexanderplatz Berlin

Alexanderplatz is a central location in Berlin for easy access to many sights.

This section of the city is called Berlin Mitte and is the center of Berlin and some might say the heart of Berlin.

Berlin was heavily bombed during World War II and most of the development around Alexanderplatz is post-war reconstruction. Even the historic buildings were heavily damaged and mostly rebuilt following World War II.


Construction cranes are seen all around Mitte. A new U-bahn subway line is being constructed and there is traffic congestion and detours in the area.

Still there are beautiful historic buildings like Berlin City Hall called the Rotes Rathaus made of red brick.


Berlin Rotes Rathaus (Red City Hall)

This part of the city was in the East Berlin sector before the wall came down in 1989. There are few signs of those days now. Dunkin’ Donuts, Burger King, McDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken are all located in Alexanderplatz.

Alex is a party spot with buskers, beggars, drunks and teenagers hanging out at night.  Most of the time there were dozens of people walking around drinking bottles of beer. Drinking in public is common. They even sell bottles of beer on the train platforms to drink while you wait for your train. No drinking on the U-bahn trains or trams is allowed though.

There are also families and professionals since Alexanderplatz is a major transportation hub of the city and there are several large department stores.

The crowd remained civil even with a lot of drinking and fooling around. The place was not threatening or dangerous during the dozen or more times I passed through Alexanderplatz to shop at the Netto supermarket on Rathausstrasse, eat at Asia Gourmet or catch the U-bahn train.


There was some good live music  with buskers outside in the square performing songs by U2 and Coldplay through portable amplifiers.

There is a high police presence at Alexanderplatz since this is like  a New York Times Square gathering place in Berlin.

Berliner Fernsehturm is the TV tower constructed between 1965 and 1969. It is the tallest structure in Germany at 368 meters or 1,207 feet. There is a visitor platform and revolving restaurant at 207 meters or about 675 feet.


Alexanderplatz had an outdoor party atmosphere the first three nights I was staying at the Holiday Inn before the weather turned bitterly cold for the weekend and the snow came.


Park Inn by Radisson Alexanderplatz is a 1,012 room hotel originally built in 1967-70 and named the Hotel Stadt Berlin. Rezidor Hotel Group acquired the property in 2003. The building is 125 meters (410 ft) and 37 stories high.

I only took a couple of photos at night of the large Alexanderplatz square.  Last Friday night it turned bitterly cold and the crowd was about 10% of what it had been the previous three nights.


Alexanderplatz at midnight on an abnormally quiet night due to cold temperature and wind.

There is a famous rotating world time clock at Alexanderplatz.


World TIme Clock Alexanderplatz Berlin

Near the TV Tower is a historic church, Marienkirch, on a site recorded as having a church since 1292. The church became a Lutheran church following the Reformation 500 years ago.


Marienkirche is one of the oldest churches in Berlin.

There is a statue of Martin Luther on the side of the church.

I left Berlin Monday afternoon and I am writing this post in Oslo, Norway. I am on my trip back home to California via Oslo, Helsinki and London for one night each.

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