Danke Air Berlin and That’s Right (You’re Not From Texas)

My flight Tuesday from Zurich to Berlin was on OneWorld airline partner Air Berlin. In sensibly efficient German style the aircraft was boarded from back to front.


The OneWorld lounge at Zurich Airport was a pleasant place to kick back and get a bite to eat and drink. My Air Berlin boarding pass did not indicate my American Airlines AAdvantage Platinum elite level. Fortunately I had my arrival boarding pass from AA that did show Platinum elite.

The representative at the lounge did not realize that American Airlines Platinum members flying economy class get lounge access on international flights. She kept asking if I knew my AA account number and I kept repeating it. After I was given access I put on my glasses and I saw my AA account number printed on the Air Berlin boarding pass.

During my lounge stay I went up to ask about wireless internet access in the lounge and another woman with AA Platinum status and an American passport was having a difficult time being let into the Oneworld lounge. She finally was admitted too.

Zurich airport offers 60 minutes free internet, but you have to get the password code via mobile text message. Have your phone handy.


Getting the opportunity to taste Swiss beer was a bonus of the OneWorld lounge visit.


Feldschlosschen Swiss beer since 1876.

The food selection in the lounge at 1pm included tomato soup, pasta, chicken and rice, vegetarian spicy carrots and vegetarian spicy beets dishes.

The title of this post comes from the announcements made for the airline at the gate. Several different people announced the Air Berlin flight at pre-boarding and during the boarding process.

The first couple of times I wondered why there was a plane arriving or departing to Abilene.

And through my jet lagged mind I had to remind myself I am in Zurich, Switzerland and “That’s right,  (You’re not from Texas.)

But Texas wants you anyway.”


Zurich Airport geographic coordinates.

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  1. So the lounge does not offer any more wifi than what is offered by the airport itself?

    That would be disappointing because my US phone is on a prepaid plan with no service abroad.

  2. just for info, Feldschlossen was bought by Carlsberg in 2000 so it isn’t even swiss anymore. in any case, swiss beer sucks. i know, i lived there 27 years.

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