This is the Trip, the very first part of the trip

I am testing Live Writer on a new computer before traveling to Europe in two hours. Buying a new computer six hours before leaving home and heading out of the country, before I even packed, is just the kind of crazy last minute decision I made. Even bought two different backpacks for travel.

San Francisco tonight, New York JFK AA lounge tomorrow afternoon, Zurich on Tuesday to do some banking. I’ll explain that one later if it all works out as planned – or not.

Berlin Tuesday evening and ITB Berlin travel conference Wednesday.

Main thing about new computer is finding Windows 8 is not intuitive at all for a new user. Getting on the internet is easiest thing to do. Finding the software programs I downloaded is more difficult.

Camera, passport, computer, electrical converter.

Reading glasses, sunglasses, both prescription.

First hotel stop of this trip is a free room night tonight at SFO courtesy of InterContinental Hotels Group Best Price Guarantee.

Now I need to pack some clothes and I’m ready to go.

I might even write this up as one of those multi-part trip reports:

  • This is the trip, the very first part of the trip.
  • New York JFK American Airlines lounge
  • Zurich, Switzerland under 24 hours
  • ITB Berlin
  • Berlin
  • Oslo under 24 hours
  • Helsinki under 24 hours
  • London under 24 hours
  • and other stuff surely to happen along the way


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  1. I’ll look forward to your short city stops trip reports. We are doing the same thing this summer coming home from Beijing: Zurich, Vienna and Frankfurt each 23 hours. I hope it was not a mistake (ie spending all our time getting to/from the airport).

  2. I have not like liked a new version of Windows since XP. I have a desktop that has windows 98 on it. I still use that when working on graphic design and computer stationery. Its a pain in the rear to try to make stationery for email using vista or Windows 7.

  3. I have a web designer friend who runs multiple blogs, so he swears by Windows Live Writer for posting to his WordPress websites. Definitely saves time from logging in and out each time you want to write something.

    Good luck with Windows 8. Looks sleek, but not sure whether I’d find it user-friendly. I had to buy a new laptop for my mother, so I made sure to by her one just before Windows 8 came out. She has Windows 7, which I’m okay with.

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