BeattheTimer.com for Starwood Europe discount rates (or not)

Starwood Hotels BeattheTimer.com is an ongoing 72-hour flash sale site for hotels in Europe, Middle East and Africa. There are 49 Starwood hotels listed on the site at time of this post. These rates are generally a discount on the published rates available through spg.com, but not always.


Starwood’s Beat the Timer listings February 12, 2013.

The rates are available for 72 hours and there are new hotels added daily.

Hotels can be sorted:

  • most popular
  • time running out
  • few rooms left
  • lowest price

Le Meridien Etoile – Paris 139 EUR


Paris bookings for this hotel are open for 34 more hours at a rate of 139 EUR per night.

Click on the “Book Now” button and calendar dates appear.


The entire week of March 4-10 is available at this rate.


March 5-8, 2013 Rate = 139 EUR per night on a 3-night stay.


Beat the Timer rate is prepaid at time of booking, nonrefundable and no changes.

Compare the 417 EUR rate for three nights to the SPG.com rate for this hotel stay.

SPG.com originally showed the rate at 145 EUR with a 20% discount. When I checked the rate a second time it dropped to 30% discount at 132 EUR and lower than BeattheTimer.com for March 5-8 dates I checked.

For these specific stay dates March 5-8, 2013 at Le Meridien Etoile, the lower rate is found on spg.com at 132 EUR per night compared to 139 EUR per night on beathtetimer.com.

Hotel Fuerstenhof, Leipzig, Germany

  • 98 EUR per night Beat the Timer rate

This is a Starwood Luxury Collection hotel that came to my attention years ago when I used to bid on auctions for Lufthansa flights to Europe. I won several auctions in 2000 and 2001 for flights from California to Europe at rates generally under $300 all in. Those were cheap frequent flyer miles. The site, if I recall correctly was called thedailyauction.com, but it was a casualty of 9/11.

Hotel Fuerstenhof is available on beatthetimer.com for 98 EUR per night.

The beatthetimer.com rate is a good deal on weekdays when the spg.com rate is 130 EUR per night.


March 6-8, 2013 spg.com rate = 130 EUR per night when beatthetimer.com is 98 EUR per night.


March 9-11 the rate of 98 EUR is not the best weekend rate for this hotel. The spg.com rate is 91 EUR.


March 9-11, 2013 spg.com 91 EUR for nonrefundable, prepaid rate.

Beat the Timer rates

Beat the Timer rates are 72 hour flash sales for prepaid, nonrefundable, no changes allowed bookings at select Starwood Hotels in Europe, Middle East and Africa. These rates are generally discount rates and near the lowest rates available for the hotel. The hotel rate analysis shown in this post reveals that guests should compare the beatthetimer.com rates carefully to other rates available through spg.com to be sure the Beat the Timer rate is the best deal available for your stay.

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