SPG Pay Your Birth Year discount in 2013

PAYAGE is one of my favorite discount room rate codes from Starwood Hotels. Payage is not French. This is the special code for the Birth Year rate discount. It is actually Pay Age.

Starwood ‘Pay Your Birth Year’ discount rates have been extended for all of 2013. It is only available for select hotels in USA, Canada, Caribbean and French Polynesia. Most hotels have day of week restrictions and some hotels have seasonal black out dates.

The Birth Year rate is a set rate for the first night (usually higher than BAR) and then the second night rate is “Pay Your Birth Year”. For example, my birthdate is 1960 so I can book the rate and pay $60 per night for my second and third nights. Most hotels limit the rate to two nights and weekends, but there are hotels allowing three night stays using this rate.

Select hotels that charge $100 + your birth year for your second and third night include:

  • Hotel Ivy, Minneapolis
  • Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel
  • The Westin New York Grand Central
  • The Equinox Golf Resort & Spa, Vermont,
  • The Liberty Hotel, Boston
  • The Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa, Hollywood, Florida
  • The Westin Kierland Resort & Spa
  • The Westin Resort & Spa, Tremblant
  • W Atlanta – Midtown
  • W Atlanta – Buckhead
  • W Chicago – Lakeshore
  • W Dallas – Victory
  • W Fort Lauderdale
  • W Retreat & Spa – Vieques Island

Must be age 18 for the rate, so no using your two year old to book the Starwood Hotel.




Sheraton Steamboat Resort, Colorado

Save 50% with a Starwood hotel rate discount for a ski trip:


Most participating hotels limit Birth Rate to weekend stays. Sheraton Steamboat is more popular on weekends so the discount is available on weekdays.


$349 is the base PAYAGE rate. I can book a three night stay from February 17-20, Presidents Holiday Week using the PAYAGE birth year rate discount.

  • Night 1 = $349
  • Night 2 = $60 (my 1960 birth year rate)
  • Night 3 = $60
  • Total rate = $479

The lowest published rate for this stay is $309 per night (AAA).

  • 3 nights = $927 (AAA) rate Feb 17-20.

Another feature of Birth Year rates is the potential to get some upgraded rooms using this rate. The base rate is higher, yet the Birth Year rate remains the same for second and third nights.


Birth Year rate sometimes includes higher category rooms.

Sheraton Steamboat Resort (Feb 17-20)

  • Traditional limited view, King Bed = Birth Year $349 (AAA $309)
  • Traditional valley view, King Bed = Birth Year $389 (AAA $349)
  • Traditional valley view, 2 Queen beds = Birth Year $409 (AAA $369)

Birth Year rate for 3 nights for King valley view = $509 with my 1960 birth year rate.

AAA rate for 3 nights for King valley view room = $1,047.

Savings = $538 using my 1960 Birth Year rate. You will still have significant savings even if your birth year is 1990.

Note: PAYAGE rates are prepaid and nonrefundable. You must present identification at check-in to get the reduced birth year rate for the second and third nights. Sheraton Steamboat also has a $20 per day resort fee.

Starwood Birth Year Rate T&C.

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  1. Several of the hotels listed as having the $100 extra per night are not currently available with Birth Year rates.

    I noticed on the Sheraton Steamboat the Payage rate was listed as $179 per night when it is $359 per night. That is old information.

    This promotion has been around several years and always lists end date as December 31. Obviously some, but not all, information was updated when they extended this offer for 2013.

  2. I have used this rate and twice, twice, found the rate was not being honored. It is your responsibility at checkin to make sure they verify your date of birth with ID and then update the rate in their system. I do understand precautions against fraud but the policy should be more transparent.

  3. John K posted: “Any great grandpa that was born on 1900? =D ”

    How about any children or grandchildren born in 2001?

  4. It seems like the Hawaii hotels aren’t participating? Ric, you and I are the same age, so I guess I can just kick back and let you do the math for me! LOL

  5. Any luck combining rates? Like having my mother-in-law use this rate for our 2-bedrom family suite the first 3 days ($329 + $50 +$50) followed by me using my government rate ($169) the 4th day of our 4 day trip? After taxes, it would save us about $100 but would not be worth it if we had to check out with all our stuff and check back in to a different room.

  6. This is a great way to get folks to take your parents/grandparents on a trip and book 2 rooms with them split up between rooms with you as additional guests to get the best rates, since, on multiple rooms, the oldest age per room applies. “Yep, boy’s and girl’s nights out!”

    Of course, even if they allowed folks under 18 to book these rooms, that is another reason that booking with your kid born in 2001 wouldn’t work because it is based on the oldest…e.g. YOU!

  7. Hotels routinely combine reservations for consecutive nights booked with different rate types. In your case i would call the hotel and explain you want to book the room using two different rates and ask if it possible to stay in the same room four nights.

  8. Oh well, only one hotel in San Jose, CA is participating, the Four Points downtown (okay hotel, great restaurant). And when I look for dates available for the PAYAGE rate through the end of the year there isn’t a single day available. Meh.

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