San Francisco Panorama

In honor of the San Francisco 49ers winning the NFC Championship game against the Atlanta Falcons and another trip to the Superbowl game after 18 years, I pulled up some photos I snapped last month on a gorgeous day in San Francisco from the highest point overlooking the city at Twin Peaks (922 feet). Technically Mt. Davidson is highest point at 924 ft.

San Francisco 49er fans are smiling from coast to coast on this gorgeous California Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday.


San Francisco downtown city view from Twin Peaks. Market Street is the wide boulevard. This photo looks east to downtown San Francisco with Oakland and Berkeley, California and the East Bay hills in the distance.


Golden Gate Bridge to the north seen from Twin Peaks. Marin County is on the far side of the bridge.


San Francisco view looking west. Farallon Islands barely visible in the distance on the horizon about 30 miles from the coast. Farallon National Wildlife Refuge is a wilderness protection zone. The largest seabird colony in the USA outside of Alaska and Hawaii is located on the Farallons. The Farallon Islands are considered part of the city and county of San Francisco.


Golden Gate Bridge seen from near USS San Francisco Memorial at Lands End at sunset.

Next stop for the 49ers is New Orleans.

Next trip for me is driving to Los Angeles today for the Americas Lodging Investment Summit 2013 (ALIS). This is another crystal clear winter skies day along coastal California. The temperature is forecast for mid-70s. Highways 1 and 101 should provide some great vista viewing pleasure. California in the off-season can be a dream road trip with gorgeous weather and little traffic – until Los Angeles.

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  1. Actually the worst traffic came between 6 and 7:30 between Santa Barbara to Ventura. What a pain it is driving in southern California. All the cars must have been heading to the San Fernando Valley as the coast was clear driving PCH through Malibu.

    Gorgeous day and the mountains can be seen around LA this morning. Low smog pollution.

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