Caesars Palace Las Vegas Experience #NMX

“Experience is the teacher of all things” is a quotation attributed to Julius Caesar.

Caesars Palace Las Vegas has no apostrophe in the name. The idea is that all guests are Caesars.

Well, some guests at Caesars receive a welcome more imperial than others as I learned on a site visit to Caesars Palace on the opening night of the New Media Expo January 2013 conference in Las Vegas.

Caesars invited a few bloggers to tour some suites in their one year old Octavius Tower. The Octavius Tower and Augustus Tower are two of the six hotel towers at Caesars Palace Las Vegas. Together they are referred to as “The Laurel Collection” when booking on the website.


The Laurel Collection by Caesars Palace

Laurel Collection Amenities Include

  • Private Valet
  • Registration Desk
  • Independent Staff to provide individualized and expedited service.
  • Plush Pillow-top Mattress
  • Anichini Linens
  • Advanced Media Hub That Allows Guests to Stream Information From Their Smartphone or Tablet Directly to the HDTV
  • Interactive Web App for Immediate Access to Essential Guest Services

This was a hotel visit opportunity for me as a plebeian commoner armed primarily with social media words. Normally it takes a history of spending cash to be hanging out in the top floor suites of the Octavius Tower drinking champagne. The rooms on the 69th floor are normally reserved for high-rollers and celebrities with a proven value to Caesars Palace.

These photo essay posts are in three parts to share my photos of three suites in the Octavius Tower at Caesars Palace Las Vegas and the new Gordon Ramsey Pub and Grill opened December 2012.


Lobby of Caesars Palace.

Caesars has its own loyalty program TotalRewards.com where members can earn and redeem points at more than 40 resorts and casinos globally.


TotalRewards Platinum member hotel check-in.

In Las Vegas room floors are kind of arbitrary. The room floor numbers of the Octavius Tower are 50 to 69, even though Octavius Tower is actually only 23 stories high.

There is a VIP elevator entrance for celebrity types. I saw it, but didn’t get to ride in the exclusive elevator.


Octavius Tower VIP elevator.

Our tour was guided by a white-gloved butler, coincidentally named Cesar.

Many of the articles I looked over while writing this piece show the Octavius Tower hall corridor wallpaper. Here is a photo of Floor 67. This wallpaper was not present on the top floor 69.


Octavius Tower Floor 67, Caesars Palace.

Room 6787 Octavius Tower, Caesars Palace


Southern belle Shannon Hurst Lane swooning in opulence.

The art pieces in the rooms were a nice touch that is not too common for luxury hotel rooms where I have previously stayed.


Minibar counter.

Suite 6787 has a living room toilet and sink near the doorway, and opens into a living room with couch, table, minibar and TV. The room basically was a double size room with living room and bedroom.


Living room table in Suite 6787.


Bedroom seating in suite 6787.


TV and desk area in bedroom. I did not photograph the living room TV for this suite.


Vanity counter between bedroom and bathroom.


Separate shower and tub in one-bedroom suite.


Double sinks in bathroom.


Bed in Octavius Tower Suite 6787.

Octavius Tower Suite 6851

The second suite on the tour is 6851 has different décor than 6787. These are not cookie-cutter suite designs.


Suite 6851 living room.


The art pieces are different in this suite than the previous suite.


Dining area in Suite 6851. There are two connecting bedrooms to this suite if you desire a two bedroom suite for your stay.


The room has an electronic control panel by the bed for lights and TV like the St. Regis Bal Harbour where I stayed last month.


Bedroom TV and cabinet.


What I like about these Octavius Tower suites is the amount of seating available. I do not like a suite with no seating other than the bed in the bedroom.

The bathroom has an electronic panel for music genre selections for rock, country, R&B, classical and others. You can even check out Chinese Top 40 for a different soundtrack in the USA while you bathe in the spa tub.


Spa tub in Suite 6851. There is also a separate shower.


Double sinks in bathroom of Suite 6851 and a TV for company.


Birdland in Suite 6851.

This post is loaded with photos of Caesars Palace Octavius Suite photos. Separate posts cover a top floor suite in Octavius Tower Caesars Palace and Gordon Ramsey’s Pub & Grill opened December 2012 in Caesars Palace.

Photos shown in this post are my own photos from the press tour.

These 1,100+ sq ft. suites are not listed as web booking room options on the Caesars booking site. The closest room category I found is the 550 square foot Octavius Tower Luxury Room currently listed for a promotional rate at $141/night on a 3-night stay next week.


Caesars Reservations

Blogger disclosure: I received an invitation from Caesars Palace along with a few other bloggers attending the Social Media Expo in Las Vegas Jan 6-8, 2013. This press tour on Jan. 6 included complimentary champagne in a penthouse suite and a free dinner with beer at Gordon Ramsey Pub & Grill.

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  1. Just spent 5 nights there at the Augustus tower with a great view of Bellagio fountain, but I will never stay there again if I have an option.
    Overall, it is a good location and hotel. But the service is bad, room is not clean (sheets, pillow, carpet, Jacuzzi). Cleanness is probably my No.1 concern.
    A side note – part of the casino is being renovated so you will feel the casino is not as big.

  2. thanks for those pictures ric. now i know that i would never consider staying there. i find the decor to be absolutely hideous!!!

  3. Y’all can have the rest of the place, but I’ll take the Spa there over just about any other

  4. I think Las Vegas is one of the biggest place for entertainment. Because in this city every where lots of stuff for doing and there night party with night life is really exciting. And also hotel service is on of the best service in the world. I really like it.

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