Finding Hyatt Stay Certificate Availability Online

Searching for Hyatt Stay Certificate availability was not included in my post earlier today: Hyatt Stay Certificates for cheaper stays. The ability to search for Hyatt Stay Certificate availability on the Hyatt Website can potentially save phone time calling Hyatt.

Hyatt Stay Certificate Codes to check availability on Hyatt website:

Enter the code into the Special Offer Code box on the Hyatt Reservations page.

  • Classic code ($109.00): HSCLN1
  • Choice code ($152.22): HSCHN1
  • Premier code ($188.89): HSPRN1
  • Elite code($260.00): HSELN1
  • Inspire code ($325.55): HSINN1
  • Exclusive code ($394.44): HSXLN1
  • Ultimate code ($461.11): HSULN1
  • Change the number 1 to 2, 3 or 5 for multiple night stays.

Example Hyatt Stay Certificate Availability Check:

HYATT House Belmont/Redwood Shores (San Francisco Bay Area)

This hotel accepts the lowest category Classic certificate HSCLN1, even though this Silicon Valley hotel typically charges exorbitant weekday rates.


HYATT House Belmont/Redwood Shores shows Hyatt Stay Certificate ‘Classic’ availability using Special Offer Code HSCLN1 for $109 per night. The lowest available rate is a prepaid rate of $219 or $260.46 after tax.


$109 per night with a Hyatt Stay ‘Classic’ Certificate or $260.46 for a prepaid nonrefundable rate at HYATT House Belmont/Redwood Shores next week.

Hyatt House El Segundo/LAX Jan 21-24 for 3 night stay using Classic level Hyatt Stay Certificate HSCLN3:


HSCLN3 is $327 for 3-night Classic level Hyatt Stay Certificate at Hyatt House LAX/El Segundo.


Prepaid nonrefundable published rate for this 3-night stay is $644.76 or $609.12 (AAA rate) after tax. Hyatt Stay Certificates save $100+ per night for this LAX hotel next week.

Keep in mind these conditions for Hyatt Stay Certificates:

  • Hyatt Stay Certificates do not earn points or count for promotion bonuses.
  • Hyatt Stay Certificates are not elite qualifying stays (although, I have received stay credit in the past. Create incidental charges during the stay to increase probability of elite stay credit).
  • Hyatt Stay Certificates cover room rate and taxes, but not resort fees.
  • Hyatt Stay Certificates are capacity controlled. This post shows how to search for availability online.
  • Hyatt Stay Certificate stays are not eligible for Diamond member suite upgrade certificates.

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  1. Ric:

    If you buy these certs with an Amex OPEN card, do you get the 5% cashback from OPEN? Or the appropriate rewards for travel purchases from other CCs like Sapphire? Thanks.

  2. Hey Ric. Just checked into the Sheraton Denver Tech Center and got the rundown on this new promotion.

    You tend to cover SPG quite well so I bet this is something your readers might be interested in. The deal is if you decline to have your room cleaned, you get 500 bonus points for each night you stay and decline cleaning. So if you decline cleaning and towel service for a 5 night stay, then you skipped 4 cleanings and net 2000 extra points. (The last night they have to clean when you move out so no bonus for that.) Each night you skip cleaning they slide a voucher under your door that you turn in at the end of your stay at the front desk for the points. This really adds up when you figure it’s on top of any existing promotion like the Power Up one going on now. You also have the option of a $5 food and beverage credit in place of the 500 points. Have a good one.

  3. @Andy – I have taken advantage of the SPG no room cleaning bonus points before. I tend to be on the move and there have been few times I have been eligible for the offer with a two-night stay.

    My sister was talking to me about this offer when she stayed at the Westin St. Francis in San Francisco in October. She could not understand why someone would give up a daily room cleaning for 500 points?

    For me the offer is a good one since I generally leave the Do Not Disturb sign on for my entire stay, unless there is really something that needs to be cleaned.

  4. thanks for the great site. I am a little confused however. I actually would like to book a two night stay at the belmont hyatt above on 3/26 and 3/27. If I order the certificate with the hscln2 for $218 will that cover the room for the two nights? Also if so why do I then need to input my credit card info again to book the room on hyatts site or is that just to secure the room and it will not be charged once I present the certs. Once again thanks for the help.

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