Double Your HHonors Points or Miles 2013 Q-1

From January 7 through March 31, 2013 HHonors members can register to earn double base points or double base miles. Promotion bonus applies to existing reservations for stays and nights within the promotion period, however, bonus only applies for stays completed after promotion registration.

‘Double Your HHonors’ promotion registration page.

Bonus points or miles apply to up to two rooms per reservation when both rooms are booked and paid for by the HHonors member.

HHonors Points Earning Analysis

Double points means a Points & Points member earns at least 25 points/$1 for all Hilton brands except 12.5 points/$1 for Home2 Suites stays.

HHonors Points Calculator

  • 10 base points per dollar
  • 5 bonus points points per dollar (Points & Points earner)
  • 10 bonus points per dollar (Double Your HHonors promotion)
  • Elite bonus points if applicable (1.5 to 5 points/$1)
  • HHonors credit card bonus points if applicable (up to 12 points per dollar with HHonors American Express Surpass)

If you have all the right stuff and stay at a participating hotel, Double Your HHonors promotion can pull in 42 points per dollar.

That is a decent rebate on hotel spend.

Non-Participating HHonors Hotels (link to hotel list)

The major drawback of Double Your HHonors is there are about 600 nonparticipating hotels in the USA. That is almost 1 in 5 hotels in the USA opting out of this offer.

There are only 14 hotels outside the USA not participating, so not too much of a concern for international travelers.

Over 600 hotels opted out of Double Your HHonors 2013 Q-1 promotion with 97% of those in USA.

Here are some comparative statistics to other HHonors quarterly promotions.

  • HHonors 2011 Q-4 fewer than 300 opted out.
  • HHonors 2012 Q-2 about 350 hotels opted out.
  • HHonors 2012 Q-3 about 550 hotels opted out.
  • HHonors 2012 Q-4 only about 250 hotels opted out.

The vast majority of hotels opting out of HHonors promotions are in the USA.

Earning Double Miles

In general, I do not think earning double miles is nearly as valuable as earning double points.

Remember you can keep your profile preference at Points and Fixed Miles or Points & Variable Miles and still earn double points with this offer and standard base miles. Your earning is only reduced by 5 points/$1 (Points & Points bonus) by choosing Double Points for this promotion with fixed or variable miles.

If your travel includes many stays at Hampton Inn, Homewood Suites or Home2 Suites, then poor fixed miles earning rates, typically 100 miles per stay, make Double Miles a poor promotion choice for Double Your HHonors. Many international airlines do not even earn miles for stays at these three brands.

Another advantage of choosing Double Points is award stays will earn double points for incidental charges, however, award stays will not earn double miles.

Double Your HHonors FAQ.


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  1. Are you sure about your calculation? Is it double all points or double base points? Usually these type of promotions only apply to base points, but I haven’t read the T&C.

  2. Please ignore my previous post, misread what else was included in your numbers (elite bonus, Surpass card)

  3. I tried to register and the site said I could not do this online.
    You are not able to register for this promotion online. Please call the Hilton Reservations and Customer Care nearest you for assistance, or call 1-800-HHONORS.
    Any ideas why?

  4. I got that same error message, went back onto main site, logged in there and tried again and registration worked

  5. Well with IB earning 750miles or 150miles for non-full service Hotels, 2x on Miles isnt so bad if AA has alot of non-stops out of your base city.

    For me that means stay 10x and earn 15000 IB miles = 1 free r/t NY-FL, since my base rate is well <$100 a no-brainer for me(IB Avios can be transferred to BA Avios 1:1 in lots of 1000) I wouldnt earn 25k in extra pts to pay for 1 free night if I could even find a hotel for 25k

  6. I love the link indicating the nonparticipating hotels for this promotion as I find it nearly impossible to find a link for Hilton properties that do not participate in the loyalty program at all.
    We recently stayed in Scotland and Ireland at Hilton properties which I chose in part to earn the points and only after my statement is posted do I find zero points awarded. Upon checking nothing was mentioned as well.

    I returned again to the web site for HHonors and the individual hotel web sites and did not see this information posted as them being nonparticipating. Is there a site that lists the properties that do not participate in the HHonors programs at all?

  7. @craz – the Avios deal sounds like it could be good for people with frequent low cost stays.

    @Maureen – I am not aware of nonparticipating Hilton properties. Did HHonors customer service state they are nonparticipating hotels?

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