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Miami Light, Camera, Refraction

Miles of walking over many hours across Downtown Miami on quiet streets and days December 24-25 let my mind drift and wander through images of color, shape and texture. A solitary bird by nature, my photos and words help me cement images and memories of places I  have been and sights I have seen.


Here are some of my visions of Downtown Miami over the holidays. Apparently the arrival of black vultures from around the southeast signals the winter season for Miami. I saw hundreds of the large winged birds soaring around the skyscrapers in Downtown Miami. Watch out for your rental car if you leave it alone with the vultures in the Everglades.


Metromover is just like Disneyland, except no admission fee, more stops and free wifi.


The Flying Trapeze School in Bayfront Park.


The Spindle (1981) – artist Henry Moore (1898-1986) Made of travertine marble and 18 ft. tall. The piece was installed by helicopter and the InterContinental Miami lobby was constructed around the art work. This is the largest Henry Moore sculpture in private ownership.


Architectural patterns.


Beam me up, Scotty.


Lobby in Epic Hotel, a Kimpton Hotel


Crossing the Brickell Bridge over Miami River.


Conrad Miami Hotel and Residences


Hyatt Regency Miami


The Pelican briefly resting over the Miami River outside the Hyatt.


Architectural survivors.


Freedom Tower was originally a 1925 newspaper office for Miami News that folded in the 1950s. The building was used by the U.S. Government to process Cuban immigrants in the 1960s.  The building abandoned in the 1970s was derelict, vandalized and occupied by vagrants. In 1997 the building was purchased by a Cuban-American, restored, and now houses a Cuban-American Museum and archives. 


Freedom Tower, Miami


“The man with the foolish grin is keeping perfectly still.” – Beatles

This tree stump truly brightened my day.


Art to live by.

Metromover passes by this house covered in art. The peace symbol seen on the roof from Metromover was a pleasant sight to see yesterday on Christmas Day.

I also heard Happy Xmas (War is Over) [YouTube link to official 2003 video and graphic imagery warning] playing in the elevator of the Conrad Hotel and then saw the 2-hour documentary film LENNONYC on Miami PBS last night.

Art and music smoothed out the rough edginess of spending Christmas day alone in Miami.


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