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Welcome to the New World Order.

Starwood Hotels will accommodate you.

Portugal is seeing thousands in the streets protesting against bank-imposed austerity measures.


Sheraton Lisboa 114 EUR a night and 7 rooms available at this rate.

Israeli missile strikes in Gaza impinges on Egyptian security again with tourism fears again.


Sheraton Sharm Resort, Villas and Spa 59 EUR a night and 15 rooms available at this rate.

The USA leaves Iraq, troops move out, and new-millennial United Arab Emirates is no longer the 1970s Bangkok of multinational business executive meeting getaways outside the war zone. The oil is concentrated in Iraq and Dubai, the Switzerland of the Middle East, has assumed the role of shopping center for the global region.


Four Points by Sheraton Dubai 53 EUR a night and 3 rooms available.

Conscientious tourist or country trophy traveler? Africa is the continent with Alaska-sized countries. Algeria is almost 40% larger in land mass than Alaska. Libya is larger than Alaska. Gambia is the smallest country on mainland Africa. Alaska is our biggest state in the USA and if Gambia were a US state, at 4,000 square miles it would only be larger than Delaware and Rhode Island.


A third of the population in The Gambia lives on a wage income under USD $1.25 a day. You can probably feed a family of four for a month in Gambia at 90EUR a night. But if you just want a hotel bed, then there are 4 rooms available this weekend with

Indian Ocean paradise? This is the land of the Dodo bird on an island with no indigenous people when the Portuguese arrived in 1507. By the year 1600 the Dodo bird was extinct.


Le Meridien Ile Mauric, Pointe Aux Piments, Mauritius, 6 rooms available at 156 EUR a night and 6 rooms available.

Starwood Hotels Beat the Timer Flash Sales at can take you places for less money.

Travel is education.

Education turns you on and turns you off, yet knowledge is the key to change.

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  1. I remember, back in 1990 you could get really cheap last tickets and hotel on the Adriatic coast of Croatia. There are always opportunities our there. Especially if you are willing to compromise!

  2. I stayed at Sheraton Lisboa mid-week last March for 111+/- euro and it wasn’t a special rate. I checked all ratse and it was one of the choices. Really top-notch staff, but the inroom heat made time in the room almost unbearable. Semi-depressing lounge, awesome lobby restaurant breakfast.

  3. And of course, I was compelled to find out how we all know about a bird that went extinct on an insignificant island in the 1600’s, gosh d-d-darn it!

  4. Ric Garrido, philosopher, anthropologist, travel blogger… 🙂

    Other choices on the list, where you could go to forget all the cares in the world:

    Le Méridien Beach Plaza
    Monte Carlo, Monaco

    Le Méridien Vienna
    Vienna, Austria

    The Westin Valencia
    Valencia, Spain

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