Hotel Loyalty 2012-Q4 promotions Red Lion Hotels

Red Lion Inn 2 stays = 1 free night to Jan 31, 2013

Red Lion Inn R&R Club has a promotion for 5,000 bonus points per stay running through January 31, 2013. Promotion Code MYRATE01.

The great value of this offer is any Red Lion Inn is available for 10,000 points per night.


  • $106.25 MYRATE01 Premium King Bed with 5,000 bonus points.
  • $105.69 AAA rate Premium King Bed
  • $94.05 AAA rate Standard Queen Bed

5,000 bonus points and a better room for an extra $12.20 over the lowest available rate looks like a good value to me.

Red Lion Inn points can also be used for Preferred Hotel Group stays and Destination Hotels & Resorts, although these hotels require 30,000 to 85,000 points per night.

Red Lion Inn is a small western states midscale hotel chain with about 50 hotels from New Mexico, Colorado and Montana and west with most properties in northern California, Oregon and Washington (Red Lion Hotel Directory).

In Anaheim the Red Lion Inn is within walking distance of Disneyland. The Red Lion Inn is one of the fancier hotels for the town in many of the small towns of the Pacific Northwest.

That was the Red Lion Inn’s position in Eureka, California where I lived for a decade on the North Coast about 100 miles south of the Oregon border before moving back to Monterey.

Lucky at One Mile at a Time was shaken up by an earthquake while at a Bangkok skyscraper hotel the other day. I assume this was the 6.8 earthquake in Myanmar Nov 11, 2012 about 600 miles from Bangkok. Reports state the earthquake was felt widely around Bangkok.

In 1992 I experienced a 7.1 earthquake while running an education conference inside the ballroom of the Red Lion Inn Eureka. The earthquake link is actually my post about changes to Red Lion R&R Club from October 2011. Earthquakes are powerful memories and I don’t know if I can ever write about Red Lion Inn without thinking about that 1992 quake.

USGS upgraded the April 1992 earthquake to 7.1 some months after the initial reading of 6.9 shown on my Red Lion Eureka t-shirt. There was substantial damage to towns about 25 miles south of Eureka, yet fortunately no loss of life from the three major earthquakes in 18 hours. 

All earthquakes aside, this is a good bonus points deal for the next couple of months if you are in locations with Red Lion Inns.

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