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Balneari Prats Hotel & Spa, Caldes de Malavella, Spain

The last hotel night and activities for the 3-day “post-TBEX Europe 2012 Girona, Spain” Costa Brava Tourism sponsored tour for a van full of eight travel bloggers was at the spa hotel Balneari Prats in Caldes de Malavella.

Caldes Malavella-BCN 062

Balneari Prats Hotel & Spa, Caldes de Malavella

The small town of Caldes de Malavella, population under 5,000 residents today, is prominent for Roman spa ruins and bottled mineral water.

2,000 years ago Romans settled in this location for its thermal springs.

Caldes Malavella-BCN 006

Roman thermal baths in Caldes de Malavella, a block from Balneari Prats Hotel & Spa.

Balneari Prats, located in the town center, is surrounded by historic archaeological sites, thermal fountains and bottled water factories. I enjoyed the small town residential feel of Caldes de Malavella.


Our day had been stuffed with activities and I was tired when we arrived. We had driven into the hills to ride electric bikes, ride in a horse-drawn carriage, toured a 1,000 year old castle, eaten a salsify (goatsbeard) infused meal, and visited a residential model home at a PGA golf course.

I was handed my key at the Balneari Prats front desk…

Caldes Malavella-BCN 073

Hotel Balneari Prats lobby and reception.

… and headed to the room to be quietly alone…and pleasantly surprised.

costabrava-3 148


Balneari Prats Hotel Room 222.

costabrava-3 160

Spa jets and church bells at sunset. Room 222 Balneari Prats Hotel & Spa.

The patio view with the evening light captivated my attention.

costabrava-3 164

Pool view from Room 222 patio, Balneari Prats, Caldes de Malavella.

costabrava-3 159

Balneari Prats Room 222 patio table and frosted glass dividers between room patios.

costabrava-3 147

Room 222, Balneari Prats, Caldes de Malavella

costabrava-3 150

This cozy rainshower is a feature I used several times in about 15 hours at the hotel between hotel spa, hotel pool, and walking around town.

costabrava-3 165

Sant Esteve, Saint Stephen Church. The old church in Caldes de Malavella.

costabrava-3 162

Room 222, Balneari Prats, Caldes de Malavella

The Spa, Balneari Prats

We were offered a 20-minute water treatment massage before our dinner. A dark room, lots of water and some woman smacking my body around on a table got blood flowing back to my brain and reenergized me for another four hours of evening conversation.

“Vittel” shower massage

Manual massage on a couch with showers of thermal water, ending with cold water on the legs, with continuous hot water at the same time. With relaxing properties, it’s suitable for combating stress, and the different showers have an effect from head to toe.
Price: 28 €
Duration:20 mins

It truly is amazing how a 20 minute massage is rejuvenating. The leg twisting and swinging had me ready for another four hours of dining and conversation at the hotel restaurant.

The Pool

Too bad I left my camera in my room since the empty pool at night under the bright, nearly full moon was absolutely gorgeous in blue color glow. A hot water fountain feeds the pool. I took advantage of the relaxing warm water to swim around before dinner.

Caldes Malavella-BCN 071

Pool exercisers kept the space active and crowded during much of the day.

Dinner at Balneari Prats

Eating at 9:30pm was something I had grown accustomed on this third night of our Costa Brava tour.

costabrava-3 177

Appetizer Plate #1.

costabrava-3 180

Appetizer Plate #2 – Calamari.

Calamari was a staple appetizer for all our lunch and dinner meals.

costabrava-3 181

Monkfish seafood entrée.

This was our last evening together as the travel blogger group.

After the meal Kate McCulley, aka blogger Adventurous Kate, played the restaurant’s grand piano with her display of professional quality talent. Kate  studied classical piano at the Boston Conservatory as a 12-year-old.

costabrava-3 182

The talented Adventurous Kate

Caldes Malavella-BCN 074

Balneari Prats bar on left, lobby and restaurant down the hall.

Caldes Malavella-BCN 080

Caldes de Malavella train station is about a one mile walk from the hotel.

Caldes de Malavella is 25 km inland from Tossa de Mar-Blue Paradise on the Costa Brava and 90 km north of Barcelona. Train travel to/from Barcelona Sants station in central city Barcelona is about 75 minutes and trains run about every 30 minutes. The train ticket was less than 10 EUR.

Disclosure: Costa Brava Tourism sponsored this press trip to Balneari Prats, Caldes de Malavella.

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