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Priceline buys for $1.8 billion

Priceline will buy meta-search engine for $1.8 billion. Readers of Loyalty Traveler may know I am a frequent user of Both sites rank in the Top 10 travel sites in the USA.

Priceline makes most of its money from hotel bookings. Kayak makes 80% of its revenue from flight search referrals according to the Financial Times.

It should be interesting to see how the Priceline/Kayak partnership takes on the Expedia online travel network. is the biggest competitor to who owns, and

Then there is Google who owns

The online travel market is consolidating into technology empires.

TopTenReviews has an informative article 2013 Online Travel Sites Comparison with reviews of leading online travel sites and a highly detailed chart of their features.


  • iahphx November 13, 2012

    Those TopTenReviews are poorly researched by folks who seem to not be travel experts. I don’t think you should be recommending them as a source of any real travel knowledge.

  • Fred Fnord November 14, 2012

    TopTenReviews certainly doesn’t need to know anything about travel… they just need to know who is paying them to be at the top of their recommendations. One wonders how much it cost “Smarter Travel” to have that article written.

  • Ric Garrido November 14, 2012

    @iahphx and Fred Fnord – I also wondered how ended up on top. They are owned by Expedia as is TripAdvisor and and Hotwire.som.

    I simply saw the page and thought it was a good table of data. I don’t endorse the company TopTenReviews and I have rarely looked at the site to have an opinion.

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