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Sant Pere del Bosc Hotel & Spa–Lloret de Mar, Spain

Covered in dust after an hour riding around the hills on dirt roads in the back of a 4-wheel drive was not the condition I expected to be in for my arrival at a luxury hotel. It was an unexpected surprise to visit a hotel gem after visiting the 2,500 year old Iberian archaeological site of Montbarbat.

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Sant Pere del Bosc is a country estate boutique hotel. The site was the location of a monastery for centuries until destroyed by invading French forces in 1694. In 1789 the baroque structure hermitage was built and in 1860 a wealthy ”Indiano” from Cuba purchased the estate. Indianos are the Spaniards who returned from the Americas with wealth and financed construction of fine architecture seen in cities and towns all over Spain. The current hotel building was constructed and opened in 1922 and operated as an asylum up to the 1970s. Sant Pere del Bosc is a new hotel that opened last year.

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Sant Pere del Bosc Hotel & Spa has 19 suites located on right side of the building. A chapel is in the center and the seasonally open restaurant L’India is the left side of the main building. The Spa is the poolside building.

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The hotel is located about five miles from the sea in the hills above Lloret de Mar.

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Statue of Nicolas Font, the indiano estate owner, built in 1911 by his descendants.

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Small entry area lobby.

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Cool hanging feature in stairway space.

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Each of the 19 suites at Sant Pere del Bosc are uniquely boutique designs and spaces.

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De Luxe Suite 201 on top floor.

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The bathroom is about 60 feet from the bedroom.

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Bathroom features a walk-in shower.

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And claw-foot tub.

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There are numerous windows for views of the surrounding countryside.

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Room 202 is the other top floor suite on the backside of the hotel.

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The slanted ceiling makes for low clearance in the seating area. This is what I call a “knockout” room. Max headroom is defined by the ceiling beams.

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The room also has a walk-in shower if open space bathing is not your style.

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The two top-floor suites are the large premier rooms of the hotel.

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Suite 101

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Adjacent to the hotel is a small chapel.

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Sant Pere del Bosc chapel.

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Sant Pere del Bosc chapel.

The Spa at Sant Pere del Bosc

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Indoor spa pool.

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This is likely a relaxing spa environment when there are not a dozen journalists and visitors in the room.

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The outdoor pool is a saltwater pool.

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Sant Pere del Bosc is a hotel that I found unique and impressive in a relaxed environment away from the hustle and bustle of Lloret de Mar. This place is a gem in the countryside. The manager said the hotel is the kind of place couples come for days and just hang out. I can see the charm in that kind of hotel stay.

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Sant Pere del Bosc Hotel & Spa, Lloret de Mar, Costa Brava, Spain.

Room rates start at about 300 EUR and many packages include breakfast and spa treatments.

Blogger Disclosure: My visit to Sant Pere del Bosc was part of a Costa Brava Tourism media sightseeing tour. I did not stay at Sant Pere del Bosc and this visit lasted about an hour for a tour, coffee and dessert. Honestly, this hotel is a unique kind of property and the most impressive lodging option I saw during my two weeks in Spain. I toured nine of the 19 rooms.

Sant Pere Del Bosc made CN Traveler Hot List for 2012 World’s Best New Hotels.

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