Hilton HHonors T&C exclude reward stays from Diamond reservations guarantee

Traveling last summer I missed a FlyerTalk discussion on the HHonors program T&C changes July 19 where the wording was added to officially exclude reward stays from Diamomd elite member guaranteed reservations, usually arranged through the HHonors Diamond elite member customer service.

Guaranteed reservations availability, subject to the restrictions stated herein, at hotels within the Hilton Worldwide portfolio when paid reservations are made before midnight hotel local time, two or more days (48 hours) prior to intended arrival. RESTRICTIONS: This guarantee does not apply to reservations paid for in part or in full by HHonors Points, free night certificates issued by Hilton Worldwide.

The use of “Diamond Force” reservations, the informal name used for making a reward reservation when the website showed no availability, was effectively lost when Hilton HHonors introduced Premium Room Rewards in 2011.

The loss of this Diamond elite benefit is official in 2012.

HHonors HHistorically

In 2000 I earned one million miles in the LatinPass frequent flyer program. I spent the next few years transferring 30,000 LatinPass miles each month into 60,000 HHonors points.

Immediately I discovered that trying to book 6-night stays for 100,000 points using GLON rewards with Hilton HHonors was often impossible online as a HHonors Gold member. The hotel would not be available for one or more nights. I made sure that I earned HHonors Diamond elite status for 2001, primarily for the benefit of “Diamond Force” reservations for reward stays using points.

“Diamond Force” was something I used several times a year since most of my extended hotel stays happened during holidays and summer when a school teacher is free to travel.

I would call up the HHonors Diamond customer service line and the representative would arrange my stay directly with the hotel. Within a day or two my reservation was set for a 6-night stay using 100,000 points. When I was HHonors Gold I simply could not book the 6-night reward stays when the hotel showed no standard reward availability.

Premium Room Rewards introduced 2011

In 2011 HHonors introduced Premium Room Rewards and charged a higher reward night rate for room categories above the standard room level for the hotel. In 2012 the expansion of Premium Room Rewards meant Diamond elite member customer service could not necessarily force a reward stay for the standard number of points. Diamond elite members were impacted by Premium Room Reward rates similar to the increased reward stay cost other HHonors members faced when trying to book rooms with no standard room availability.

Note: The amount of HHonors Points required to redeem hotel rewards varies by hotel, room, booking date and length of stay. Availability of rewards varies by hotel and stay dates at the time of booking.

As of July 19, 2012 HHonors officially removed the Diamond guarantee for reservations at a hotel when using HHonors points or free night certificates for any part of the hotel stay.

Points & Money Rewards and double bonus double dipping for both airline miles and bonus points promotions are enhancements to HHonors in 2012. The loss of a valuable Diamond benefit for standard reward stays is another blow to the HHonors program for 2012.


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  1. Thats so disappointing. As you can tell I havent used the guarantee yet this yr but usually I use it 1 or 2x. And was planning to use it for the Mileage Seminar in March 2013. You are right Ric another blow to the program.

  2. I ended my 20 year relationship with Hilton over Hilton ending Diamond Special Arrangement
    Incidentally Diamond Force is a fictitious name that never existed at Hilton but did exist at Flyertalk by posters who made up that name
    There is no real reason to be Diamond anymore and Gold is easily obtained through a credit card

  3. Premium Room Rewards were fun when they first introduced them and offered a substantial discount. Sometimes premium rooms could be confirmed for less than a standard room.

    Since the promo period ended, I’ve never booked a premium room and probably wouldn’t, since the points requirement is extortionate for the added value received (essentially, just additional square footage). And there’s no need to be a Diamond unless you plan to stay extensively in Asia, where there’s significant differentiation vs. Gold.

  4. I’m not chasing Hilton Diamond this year as I did not find consistent service, upgrades or value. Don’t plan to give any more busines to Hilton. Will also drop Hyatt from my 100 night a year travel schedule after the exclusión from the 50000 UA mile gift (see Mommy Points) that Hyatt has exclused so many Diamonds from.

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