Walking Costa Brava at Lloret de Mar

The sea was a bit too rough for kayaking today and an alternate excursion offered nordic walking from Lloret de Mar for an hour on a paved coastal path along the cliffs. Eight bloggers with cameras skipped out on the nordic aspect of the walk which involves using poles to work your arms. We were all too busy working our fingers to capture the gorgeous scenery.

Lloret de Mar 038

Near Lloret de Mar, Costa Brava, Spain.

The landscape is quite similar to the Monterey Peninsula and Big Sur except Costa Brava is warmer and grows different species of pines and cypress trees than California.

There was one particularly steep climb up a series of stairs.

Lloret de Mar 041

The railing helps in navigating this steep stairway on a warm day as the head starts spinning from too much coffee on too little sleep. At this point I was thinking the cool water of a rough sea in a kayak might be a preferable activity.

Lloret de Mar 044

Looking south to Blanes on Costa Brava.

The Costa Brava begins in Blanes, approximately 70 km north of Barcelona.


Costa Brava from Blanes to Tossa de Mar and Giverola.

Lloret de Mar 060

near Lloret de Mar, Costa Brava

One hour was just a taste of the Costa Brava trail. I would have loved to walk this trail all day.

Instead the afternoon will be filled with eating, followed by a four wheel drive experience.

These activities might not have been scheduled in the proper order. I’ll soon find out.

Lloret de Mar 063

Costa Brava walking trail near Lloret de Mar.

Costa Brava Tourism Board provided activities, meals and accommodations for this TBEX12 Europe post-trip of the Costa Brava region.

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  1. Wow, that brought back memories. I spent a week in late March of 1988 in the area, staying at a hotel in Malgrat de Mar just a few miles down the coast. Please tell me you had a pint or two at the Highwayman Pub?

  2. @Scott – I’d love a pint or two, but wine seems to be the drink of choice for the long meals. Gin is also very popular here. I didn’t think I would drink gin, however, last night I tried two tastings.

    I think I leave for another gin tasting in about ten minutes as one of the activities of this 16 hour itinerary today. This press trip is quite enjoyable and also an endurance test. There is such a thing as a free lunch, but the price I am paying is no sleep.

    The highlight of the four wheel drive experience today was visiting a 2,000 year old Iberian archeological site followed by a unique hotel – Sant Pere del Bosc.

    Loads of photos to share about this hotel and spa in the hills outside Lloret de Mar.

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