Changes in Starwood Hotels Discount Rates

Starwood Hotels discount rates can offer deep savings on the cost of hotel rooms for 2 to 6 nights. This post provides links to check for sometimes finding better rates at Starwood Hotels. Often these rates are not the best deal, but other times these rates are exceptional discounts.

Like the IHG 2-for-1 discount rate in Europe, there have been changes to the longstanding discount rate offers from Starwood Hotels since the last time I searched these rates earlier this year.

There have been three Starwood discount rate offers posted for several years on my monthly Loyalty Traveler hotel promotions guide. In the past year Beat the Timer flash sales for Starwood Hotels in Europe have regularly offered some good deals. Two of the following links are not working today.

[Update Sep 2: The Birth Year special rate offer page is working again. Starwood Pay Your Birth Year Rate (North America, Caribbean). Here is my follow-up post Sep 2  Starwood Pay Your Birth Year Rate Analysis.]


Birth Year rate was available for booking yesterday, August 31, 2012.

PAGE REDIRECTING: Starwood Hotels Discount Rates for hotel stays 2 to 6 nights (global) = link now lands on generic Starwood rate promotions page.


STILL WORKS: Starwood Resorts Discount Rates for hotel stays 2 to 6 nights (global). The primary drawback is the prepaid, no changes, 100% cancellation penalty for this offer. Sometimes these rates are a good deal, but many times there are better rates available.


STILL WORKS: Beat the Timer 72-hour flash sales (Europe and Middle East)



My searches yesterday and today reveal changes in two of the four Starwood discount rates.

Starwood Resorts 2 to 6 nights discount rates is only link still working.

The 2 to 6 nights discount rate is now only offered for hotels on the Starwood Resorts link. The Starwood Hotels link which had some different  participating hotels appears to be no longer available.

Starwood Pay Your Birth Year Rate for 2 and 3 night stays – GONE ???

I was searching hotel rates using the Birth Year Rate yesterday and almost booked two hotel stays. This morning the first task I tackled was completing the Starwood Birth year rate reservations.

Today the Starwood Hotels Birth Year link loads a blank page.

I do not know if this is a Saturday technical downtime for Starwood website updates or if September 1 triggered an end to this special rate offer. I gathered all the hotel rate data yesterday to write an article on the Starwood Birth Year rate, but I’ll hold off on that topic until I see if the rate promotion page comes back.

Kind of bummed I didn’t book my reservations yesterday if the Birth Year rate is truly gone. Starwood Birth Year rates allowed no penalty cancellation up to day of arrival for the hotels I checked yesterday. The Starwood rate for 3rd night free is a similar rate to what my Birth Year rate would have cost yesterday, but 3rd night free requires prepayment and 100% cancellation penalty.

I booked a room using points instead. I can cancel that reservation up to day of arrival with no penalty.

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  1. I often use the Birth Year Rate, especially at the Sheraton in Pasadena, California. As I am planning another trip there later this year, I was disappointed by what you’re saying.
    However, I just went to the starwood website and selected the Pasadena Sheraton’s website and chose “offers.” The Pay Birth Year Rate is still there and when i click on “reserve now” i get the promotional rates for the rest of the year.
    My guess is that it’s only a glitch since it does seem to still be accessible albeit through a different path.

  2. p.s. when i make a dummy reservation, the rate conditions show as no penalty for changes up to the day before arrival.

  3. @robert b – I do see now that I can go to a specific hotel and find the BirthYear rate under the hotel’s special offers.

    Certainly not as easy as yesterday when I could find all participating hotels directly through the Starwood Birth Year promotion page.

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