Country Inn & Suites 25,000 bonus points for 2-night stay Aug 15-Oct 14, 2012

25 for 25” is another great value promotion from Club Carlson to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Country Inn & Suites by giving members 25,000 points for a 2-night stay. Stay two nights at a Country Inn & Suites from August 15 – October 14, 2012 on the “25 for 25” promotion rate and earn 25,000 bonus points.


  • Earn 25,000 bonus points with a 2-night stay at Country Inn & Suites from August 15 through October 14, 2012.
  • This offer is not valid on existing reservations.
  • Must book room using rate code “25 for 25”. Rates tend to be about 20% higher than lowest available prepaid, nonrefundable rates at hotels I checked. The rate disparity is smaller at some hotels.
  • 25,000 bonus points may be earned only one time per member during this promotion.
  • Not all Country Inn & Suites offer this rate on all dates. My searches of California and Arizona properties showed about 50% of hotels offered the “25 for 25” rate for several hotel stay dates I checked.
  • “25 for 25” promotion registration required before completing your eligible stay.
  • These rates offered flexible cancellation for Country Inn hotels I checked. Some hotels offered day of arrival cancellation with no penalty.
  • Regular Club Carlson points are earned at rate of 20 points/$1 on a Country Inn stay. Club Carlson members also earn at least 1,000 points for online reservation booking.
  • Type 25for25 in Promotion Code box to view these rates.


Loyalty Traveler Analysis

I think this is one of the best hotel loyalty promotion offers we will see over the next two months for a one-time 2-night stay.

The minimum value I place on 25,000 Club Carlson points is about $125. Club Carlson Points + Cash rewards frequently have a rebate value in the range of $5 per 1,000 points in the USA. Many standard rewards will have a redemption value of $5 per 1,000 points. There is even better redemption value opportunities when traveling in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

25,000 points is a great rebate on a 2-night hotel stay that can be found for as low as $175 all-in after taxes. Spend $175 to $225 for two nights at a Country Inn and redeem Club Carlson points later for $125 or more in redemption value. That makes the overall rate per hotel night pretty cheap.


“25 for 25” rate is 20% higher than Advance Purchase prepaid rate. Paying about $35 more for 25,000 points is still a real bargain.

Country Inn & Suites Sunnyvale, CA

$165 for 2-night booking earns as base, non-elite member:

  • 1,000 points online booking bonus
  • 3,300 points for $165 room rate
  • 25,000 bonus points “25for25”
  • Total = 28,300 points

I have to wonder if we will still see promotion offers like this after the Club Carlson credit card debuts, likely in the next six months considering it was announced last February.

Another easy point bonus from Club Carlson will direct one of my hotel stays over the next two months to Country Inn & Suites.


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