Rumor: InterContinental Ambassador renewal fee goes up to $150 this week

A FlyerTalk thread suggests the renewal fee for current InterContinental Ambassador members will increase from $100 to $150 this week. The date mentioned is August 10.

This fee change is not mentioned in recent renewal letters to current InterContinental Ambassador members or on the IHG website. Also, there is no indication if the cost in Priority Club points for Ambassador renewal will change. Currently the Priority Club points renewal rate is 20,000 points. Members get a Priority Club 5,000 points certificate in the Ambassador member packet, so actually, the net cost is 15,000 points to renew with points.

The cost for initial InterContinental Ambassador membership increased on July 1, 2010 from $150 to $200 or 24,000 points to 32,000 points. There was no advance notice of that fee change either until a FlyerTalk member posted the rumor June 30, 2010.

InterContinental Ambassador FAQ.

InterContinental Ambassador Benefits.


Last year I tried to join InterContinental Ambassador online redeeming 32,000 points, but a technical glitch resulted in my membership not being processed.

Loyalty Traveler April 2, 2011 post discusses the basics of InterContinental Ambassador and Royal Ambassador membership. 

Although you probably already know the basics if you are reading this post on Ambassador Renewal Fees increasing this week.

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  1. You write that the cost of renewing Ambassador with points might increase from 15,000. My March renewal cost 20,000.

  2. @IMH – Thanks for the data point.

    I did not know the renewal fee in points and apparently I did not interpret the FlyerTalk thread correctly if the cost is 20,000 points for renewal.

  3. @Ric – definitely 20,000 points but Peter is of course also right that the net cost is only 15,000 because of the bonus points.

  4. @Peter and IMH – so the Ambassador renewal fee is 20,000 points and the Ambassador member gets a 5,000 points certificate with the renewal packet.

    Net cost is 15,000 points when paying Ambassador renewal fee with points.

    I get it now.

  5. Slightly off topic but does anyone know if the weekend certificate is still part of the packages? and if the certificate is good for the IC Istanbul on a Thursday and Friday stay?

  6. Another data point….

    Ambassador fees paid with points generate a 10% rebate if the member holds a Priority Club Select Visa card.

  7. Damn… miss out by a month! Oh well – I still feel it adds value and pays for itself quite quickly. I will still renew at $150

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