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2-Disney Resort Anaheim Parking and Transportation

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Disneyland/California Adventure is a learning curve experience. When spending as much as $500 to $1,000 a day for a Disney parks trip you want to get up to speed quickly.

Are You Experienced?

This is part 2 of my California Screamin’ tips for saving money and time during your visits to Disneyland.

2-Disney Resort Anaheim Parking and Transportation

Walking to Disneyland

There are a dozen hotels directly across the street from the main entrance of the Disney parks on Harbor Blvd. The main parking lot for Disneyland is located about 1/2 mile from the park on Harbor Blvd directly across the street from the Sheraton Park Resort at Anaheim.

The Disney Resort has a pick-up/drop-off parking lot next to the Disney Parks main entrance for Disney shuttles, hotel shuttles and public bus routes. Dozens of different busses and shuttles means the transporation area is organized by numbered stops around the parking lot.

Learn your Disney pick-up stop number so you can find your shuttle bus ride back to your hotel from the Disney shuttle lot.

Anaheim Resort Transportation (ART) offers well organized scheduled public bus transportation between the Disney Parks and hotels around the city. Bus routes run from before park opening to after park closing.

One-Day tickets are $4.00 for bus transportation to the Disney entrance. Prices drop to $10 for 3-Day bus ticket and $16 for 5-day ticket. There are numerous bus routes and stops around the dozens of hotels around the Disney parks.

Anaheim Resort Transportation Bus Route Tickets

  • 1-Day ticket = $4.00
  • 3-Day ticket = $10.00
  • 5-day Ticket = $16.00

You can generally pick up an ART bus every 15 to 20 minutes on 19 routes with access to over 40 area hotels around Disneyland. The ART route map lists the hotels on each of the 19 routes to help you select a hotel convenient to a bus route for your trip.


Download and print resort maps at Disney website.

The Toy Story parking lot is the main Disney Resort parking area located at Katella and Harbor Blvd. Parking is $15 per day at the parking lot on Harbor Blvd. Disney Parking information link.

Downtown Disney

Downtown Disney is a shopping, movie theater and dining area located between the Disneyland Hotel and the park entrance. Parking is free for three hours and 5 hours if validated with a restaurant dining or theater ticket purchase. The rate climbs to $18 per hour after the 3 hour free time expires with a maximum $30/day parking fee.

disneyland-1 185

Downtown Disney is a good place to park and pick up people from the Disney Hotels or drop in for a few hours of dining, a movie or quick shopping.

disneyland-1 203

There are several restaurants, bars, ESPN Zone, a movie theater and House of Blues.

disneyland-1 200

Disney shops and other stores allow you to pick up those items you didn’t buy in the parks.

disneyland-1 195

Lego store at Downtown Disney.

There is a monorail station at Downtown Disney to take Disney ticket holders directly into Disneyland.

disneyland-1 196

Monorail station at Downtown Disney.

Just be sure to get out of Downtown Disney parking during the free parking period. Three hours flies by if parking at the Downtown Disney 3 hours free lot and heading to California Adventure or Disneyland. You will spend 30 minutes to travel to the parks and 30 minutes to travel back to the parking lot. 3 hours of free parking is not suitable for trying to visit the parks for more than 2 hours.

You are better off paying $15 for the regular Disney “Toy Story” parking lot on Harbor Blvd. and ride the shuttle to the main gate for the two parks.

Even better, if staying in a local hotel, is leave your car at the hotel. Most hotel daily parking rates are about the same as $15 Disneyland parking lot.

The Sheraton Park Anaheim was $16 per day for my hotel stay and the hotel has a free Disneyland shuttle.

Depending on your travel party size, the Anaheim Resort Transit shuttle busses may be the best way to get around Anaheim between your hotel and the Disney Resort if your hotel does not have a complimentary shuttle.


Anaheim Resort Transit (ART)

1-Day public bus ticket offers unlimited rides in Anaheim hotel area for $4.00 with shuttle times between hotel and Disney Resort at less than 15 minutes for most places. Routes reach dozens of hotels around the Disney parks in Anaheim and run every 15 to 30 minutes for most routes. ART bus tickets are also available in 3-day ticket at $10.00 and 5-day ticket at $16.00.

Disney Transportation webpage gives transportation options from major airports and links for Anaheim Resort Transit and hotel shuttles.

1-Disney Resort Anaheim Hotels

2-Disney Resort Anaheim Parking and Transportation

3-Disney Resort Anaheim Food, Drink and Fine Dining

4-Disney Resort Anaheim FASTPASS basics.

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