Disney Resort Anaheim FASTPASS basics

Disneyland/California Adventure is a learning curve experience. When spending as much as $500 to $1,000 a day for a Disney parks trip you want to get up to speed quickly.

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4-Disney Resort Anaheim FASTPASS basics.

Disney Resort Anaheim FASTPASS basics shares how to use Disney FASTPASS to reduce wait times for park rides.

Disney Fast Pass 167

FASTPASS ticket for Soarin’ Over California at Disney California Adventure. This ticket was obtained about 4:30pm. The FASTPASS ticket reduced the wait time in line from 45 minutes to about 15 minutes. Blog tips I read stated the end time on a FASTPASS ticket is often overlooked if you arrive late.

Our party at Disneyland included eight ticket holders. Since not everyone wanted the same rides, we were able to obtain more FASTPASS tickets for the more popular rides and ride twice. There was no problem using someone else’s FASTPASS.

FASTPASS is only available at 14 attractions/rides in Disneyland and California Adventure.

Disneyland Park

Disney California Adventure Park

Disney FASTPASS® Service

Disney FASTPASS Service is a complimentary benefit to all park Guests that allows you to enjoy the rest of the Disneyland Resort while your place in line is saved. Check the complete list of FASTPASS attractions below or use the map at the top of this page.

Using Disney FASTPASS Service

  1. Look for the FASTPASS distribution area near the entrance of an attraction.
  2. Check the FASTPASS “Return Time” display to learn when you can return to experience the attraction.
  3. Insert your Disneyland Resort admission ticket, readmission ticket or Annual Passport into the FASTPASS machine.
  4. A FASTPASS ticket will be printed with your Return Time.
  5. Enjoy the rest of the Disneyland Resort.
  6. Go to the “FASTPASS Return” queue at your Return Time, show your FASTPASS ticket to the Cast Member and enjoy the attraction!


FASTPASS tickets were already gone for the day by 9am for the Radiator Springs Racers new ride at Cars Land. The regular line wait was over two hours most of the day.

Disneyland-Day 2 173

The FASTPASS Rides will show the return time for a FASTPASS ticket and the waiting time for the regular line.

Disneyland-Day 2 176

The stand-by line for Radiator Springs Racers was 135 minutes at 4:35pm Monday June 25. FASTPASS tickets for the entire day were gone by 9am.

FASTPASS ticket booth at California Screamin’ roller coaster ride. More than an hour after my two sisters obtained their FASTPASS tickets, I was able to get the same return time on my FASTPASS ticket.

The general rule is you can only have a FASTPASS for one ride at a time. My sister told me a FASTPASS for a Disneyland ride does not prevent a FASTPASS for a Disney California Adventure ride. This is one strategy to remember since some FASTPASS tickets can have a return time several hours later in the day.

At 3:30 pm Grizzly River Run was already showing FASTPASS return times around 8pm. You have to consider whether to tie up your FASTPASS ticket with a ride much later in the day or keep your options open and perhaps FASTPASS two or more other rides in that same time frame and not FASTPASS the long wait rides.

Disneyland-Day 2 137

Grizzly River Run at Disney California Adventure is one of the park’s most popular rides.

I was able to FASTPASS California Screamin’ when the walk-in line was 45 minutes. After that ride I obtained another FASTPASS for Soarin’ Over California when that ride had a 45 minute line. The FASTPASS ticket cut our wait to about 15 minutes for each ride.

Disneyland-Day 2 121

California Screamin’ is a high speed roller coaster that includes a 360 degree revolution beneath the Paradise Pier sign.

Disneyland-Day 2 109

At 6:10pm, 45 minutes before the Soarin’ Over California return time, I was eligible for another FASTPASS. My ability to get a FASTPASS all afternoon would have been blocked if I had taken a FASTPASS for Grizzly River Run at 3:30pm.

Disneyland-Day 2 150

Grizzly River Run wait time at 75 minutes around 4:30pm.

Disneyland-Day 2 149

Luigi’s Flying Tires at Car Land had 120 minute wait at 4:30pm.

Disneyland-Day 2 047

Remember there are only 14 attractions combined in both Disneyland and California Adventure parks for FASTPASS. That leaves dozens of other rides for walk-in admission, mostly with waits of 15 minutes or less.

Full listing of Disney Resort Anaheim rides.

Mickey’s Fun Wheel was one of the most attractive rides to me with a twist to a Ferris wheel. The cars slide as the wheel rotates.

Disneyland-Day 2 115

Truly the most enjoyable ride for me was Silly Symphony Swings. The sensation of flying through the air on a swing brought back childhood memories. I have always loved swings and the changing perspective of flight.

Soarin’ Over California is a simulated hang glider flight over the state of California. It reminded me of the old USA panorama movie at Disneyland.

Disneyland-Day 2 142

Watching the video footage made me feel good about having seen so much of California as I moved around the state during my lifetime.

San Diego was the only location that did not seem fresh to me. I haven’t been there in 15 years. I certainly believe it is time for me to take a Loyalty Traveler hotel tour of San Diego before 2012 ends.

disneyland-1 513

Disneyland fireworks nightly show occurred at 9:30pm in late June.

Fireworks Viewing Tip: Standing between the King Arthur Carrousel and Dumbo The Flying Elephant in Fantasyland seemed an ideal location to see the fireworks show up close with Tinker Bell and Dumbo flying between the Matterhorn and Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.

disneyland-1 415

Sleeping Beauty’s Castle – Disneyland

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4-Disney Resort Anaheim FASTPASS basics.

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  • […] Disney Resort Anaheim FASTPASS basics […]

  • […] Disney Resort Anaheim FASTPASS basics […]

  • […] Disney Resort Anaheim FASTPASS basics […]

  • […] Disney Resort Anaheim FASTPASS basics […]

  • […] Disney Resort Anaheim FASTPASS basics […]

  • JW July 6, 2012

    Don’t forget about single rider tickets. Those are for Indiana Jones, CA Screamin’, and Soarin’ Over CA, just to name few…. Though you have to ride by yourself, you basically cut the entire line. Its great if you are on a time crunch or for when you want to repeat a ride while everyone else takes a brief rest/food break. 🙂

  • Vinay July 7, 2012

    I think you can have multiple fast passes at the same time. Based on my experience in Disney world, FL, where i was only last week, you can get one fast pass every hour. The FP which u get has a time when you can get the next one. In one instant I had 3 FPs on me ( though one of them was a bonus FP, spit out by the machine when I was trying to get FP for splash mountain). Another tip is to check the average waiting time of the key ride swell in advance, and then first try to grab FP for those rides which tend to have waiting time longer than 45 mins (or you can set ur own waiting time criteria). There are plenty of sites and iPhone/android apps which tell u waiting time at a ride in real time.

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