Carlson 35% rate discount on 2-night stay; book by July 10, 2012

Carlson hotel brands in Americas offer 35% on Standard Room Rate for 2-night stays at participating hotels from July 20 to September 29, 2012 when booked by Tuesday, July 10.

This offer can be used for some Park Inn stays if booked for June 20-22 on the final two days before the 44,000 bonus points offer ends July 22.

Park Plaza Bloomington, MN is available for September 21-22, however, not available with this offer during the 50,000 points promotion ending August 28, 2012.

Loyalty Traveler Analysis

Radisson Santa Maria, CA Sep 23-25, 2012

  • $114 per night Standard Rate
  • $107.10 per night Senior Rate
  • $102.60 per night AAA rate
  • $74.10 per night with 2-night 35% discount rate (day before arrival cancellation with no penalty)

The nice feature of this promotional rate discount is no prepaid, nonrefundable booking required with this sale.



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