IHG Last Minute Reward Nights July 6-8

The first full weekend of July is Friday, July 6 – Saturday, July 7 – Sunday, July 8 and these nights are now available at 88 InterContinental Hotels Group properties for 50% points through Priority Club Last Minute Reward Nights offer.

China has 21 hotels on this month’s list. The USA has 51 hotels.

These hotels still need to be searched manually by country and state since the only identifier when looking at the entire list or list by country is the hotel name.

And these Last Minute Reward Nights are still only offered on the first full weekend of the month. Seems like Priority Club could expand this promotion to every weekend with a global world of 4,000+ hotels to fill.

InterContinental Hotels & Resorts SEOUL COEX20,000 pts.

InterContinental Hotels & Resorts SHANGHAI EXPO20,000 pts.

InterContinental Hotels & Resorts CHONGQING15,000 pts.

InterContinental Hotels & Resorts DALLAS15,000 pts.

InterContinental Hotels & Resorts HANGZHOU15,000 pts.

InterContinental Hotels & Resorts HANOI WESTLAKE15,000 pts.

InterContinental Hotels & Resorts MEDELLIN15,000 pts.

InterContinental Hotels & Resorts PRESIDENTE MEXICO CITY15,000 pts.

InterContinental Hotels & Resorts PRESIDENTE MONTERREY15,000 pts.

InterContinental Hotels & Resorts SHANGHAI PUDONG15,000 pts.

InterContinental Hotels & Resorts SUITES HOTEL CLEVELAND15,000 pts.

ANA Hotels and Resorts MATSUYAMA12,500 pts.

Crowne Plaza – ANA NARITA12,500 pts.

Crowne Plaza Hotel ATLANTA PERIMETER AT RAVINIA12,500 pts.

Crowne Plaza Hotel ATLANTA-AIRPORT12,500 pts.

Crowne Plaza Hotel CHICAGO OHARE HOTEL & CONF CTR12,500 pts.

Crowne Plaza Hotel CONCORD12,500 pts.

Crowne Plaza Hotel DALLAS-MARKET CENTER12,500 pts.

Crowne Plaza Hotel DANDONG12,500 pts.

Crowne Plaza Hotel EDMONTON-CHATEAU LACOMBE12,500 pts.

Crowne Plaza Hotel FULLERTON12,500 pts.

Crowne Plaza Hotel HOUSTON WEST – ENERGY CORRIDOR12,500 pts.

Crowne Plaza Hotel HUIZHOU12,500 pts.


Crowne Plaza Hotel MAANSHAN12,500 pts.

Crowne Plaza Hotel NANCHANG RIVERSIDE12,500 pts.

Crowne Plaza Hotel PARAGON XIAMEN12,500 pts.

Crowne Plaza Hotel PHILADELPHIA-CHERRY HILL12,500 pts.

Crowne Plaza Hotel QINGDAO12,500 pts.

Crowne Plaza Hotel SHANGHAI12,500 pts.

Crowne Plaza Hotel SHANGHAI PUDONG12,500 pts.

Crowne Plaza Hotel WHITE PLAINS-DOWNTOWN12,500 pts.

Crowne Plaza Hotel ZHENGZHOU12,500 pts.

Crowne Plaza Resort ASHEVILLE12,500 pts.

Holiday Inn BALTIMORE-INNER HARBOR (DWTN)12,500 pts.


Holiday Inn DRESDEN12,500 pts.

Holiday Inn Express ALTOONA12,500 pts.

Holiday Inn Express BLOOMSBURG12,500 pts.

Holiday Inn Express and Suites GRAND RAPIDS – SOUTH12,500 pts.

Holiday Inn Express and Suites HOPE MILLS-FAYETTEVILLE ARPT12,500 pts.

Holiday Inn Express and Suites HOUSTON-DWTN CONV CTR12,500 pts.

Holiday Inn Express and Suites SANDY – SOUTH SALT LAKE CITY12,500 pts.

Holiday Inn Express and Suites VAUGHAN-SOUTHWEST12,500 pts.

Holiday Inn SANTO DOMINGO12,500 pts.

Hotel Indigo HOUSTON AT THE GALLERIA12,500 pts.


Holiday Inn DENVER LAKEWOOD10,000 pts.

Holiday Inn Express DERBY – PRIDE PARK10,000 pts.

Holiday Inn Express GREENSBORO-(I-40 @ WENDOVER)10,000 pts.

Holiday Inn Express and Suites FLORENCE NORTHEAST10,000 pts.

Holiday Inn Express and Suites GEORGETOWN10,000 pts.

Holiday Inn Express and Suites GREENSBORO – AIRPORT AREA10,000 pts.

Holiday Inn Express and Suites LANDER10,000 pts.

Holiday Inn Express and Suites MEDFORD-CENTRAL POINT10,000 pts.

Holiday Inn Express and Suites MOREHEAD CITY10,000 pts.

Holiday Inn Express and Suites THE WOODLANDS10,000 pts.

Holiday Inn GENT – EXPO10,000 pts.

Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites OVERLAND PARK-CONV CTR10,000 pts.

Holiday Inn LUTON-SOUTH M1, JCT.910,000 pts.

Holiday Inn MIDLAND10,000 pts.

Holiday Inn ROANOKE – VALLEY VIEW10,000 pts.

Holiday Inn SAN ANTONIO- INT`L AIRPORT10,000 pts.


Holiday Inn TORONTO-YORKDALE10,000 pts.

Holiday Inn WARSAW10,000 pts.

Staybridge Suites FT. LAUDERDALE-PLANTATION10,000 pts.

Candlewood Suites CHICAGO-WAUKEGAN7,500 pts.

Candlewood Suites CHICAGO/LIBERTYVILLE7,500 pts.

Candlewood Suites KILLEEN7,500 pts.

Candlewood Suites ORLANDO7,500 pts.

Candlewood Suites PARSIPPANY-MORRIS PLAINS7,500 pts.

Candlewood Suites WASHINGTON-DULLES HERNDON7,500 pts.

Holiday Inn Express FORSYTH7,500 pts.

Holiday Inn Express ROSEVILLE-ST. PAUL7,500 pts.

Holiday Inn Express SHENZHEN LUOHU7,500 pts.

Holiday Inn Express and Suites AMERICAN FORK- NORTH PROVO7,500 pts.

Holiday Inn Express and Suites HOWELL7,500 pts.

Holiday Inn Express and Suites MONTROSE-TOWNSEND7,500 pts.

Holiday Inn Express and Suites THORNBURG-S. FREDERICKSBURG7,500 pts.

Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites MANSFIELD-CONFERENCE CTR7,500 pts.

Holiday Inn SALEM (I-93 AT EXIT 2)7,500 pts.

Holiday Inn SHANGHAI WEST7,500 pts.

Holiday Inn SHENZHEN DONGHUA7,500 pts.

Holiday Inn WUHAN RIVERSIDE7,500 pts.


Holiday Inn ZHUHAI7,500 pts.

Holiday Inn Express HANGZHOU GRAND CANAL5,000 pts.


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