Beer Shots at 12,000+ ft. Loveland Pass, Colorado

The TBEX 2012 Conference for new media travel writers kicked off June 15 at 8:15am with a Beer Road Rally for about 25 conference attendees. The event route was unknown to the individuals in the four beer vans with up to 7 members per team.

Destination #1 – Denver Zoo

TBEX Denver 1 029

Silverback Pale Ale – Wynkoop Brewery, Denver, Colorado

Destination #2 – Coors Brewery, Golden, Colorado

The last time I did this tour was 1983. Coors actually makes some nice beers these days and my favorite was the Batch 19 Pre-Prohibition lager.

TBEX Denver 1 095

Destination #3 Red Rocks Amphitheater

TBEX Denver 1 113

The Visitors Center was playing Jimi Hendrix “Castles Made of Sand” when I entered. There was something very special about this place as a legendary location for music.

TBEX Denver 1 133

In the parking lot of Red Rocks was the beer bus for Oskar Blues Brewery, Lyons, Colorado with ice cold beer waiting.

TBEX Denver 1 149

The sun was hot and the beer was cold.

Destination #4 – TommyKnocker Brewery, Idaho Springs

Thirty minutes later we were driving through a hail storm on I-70 heading to TommyKnocker Brewery in the old mining town of Idaho Springs.

TBEX Denver 1 177

After another couple of beer tastings of brews with names like Butt Head Bock we were heading up a dirt road to a working gold mine.

Destination #5 – Phoenix Gold Mine, Idaho Springs

TBEX Denver 1 207

Phoenix Gold Mine, near Idaho Springs.

There is still gold in these hills.

TBEX Denver 1 250

A little nature after beer is always a nice way to bring your mind back down to earth.

TBEX Denver 1 210

Feeding the gold mine chipmunks.

Destination #6 – Loveland Pass, Colorado and the Continental Divide

TBEX Denver 1 275

For some reason I was loaded with energy and quickly jaunted up these stairs to the final beer drinking location at over 12,000 feet on the Continental Divide. Feeling my pulse in my fingertips indicated I probably should have walked up the stairs.

TBEX Denver 1 276

The high Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

At the top of Loveland Pass waiting for us were skis of beer shots.

TBEX Denver 1 279

Avalanche Ale from Breckenridge Brewery in glass ski boots.

TBEX Denver 1 287

Feels like team spirit.

TBEX Denver 1 288

This exercise in drinking takes balance.

TBEX Denver 1 289

Even a three oz. beer shot gives you a buzz at 12,000 ft.

TBEX Denver 1 297

Final DestinationTBEX 12, June 15-17, 2012 – Keystone Resort, Colorado


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