Starwood Shuts Down NY BRG Free Night Promotion

Starwood Hotels summer promotion for a free night at a New York property with an approved Best Rate Guarantee claim after just eight days into the offer scheduled to last from June 4 to September 3, 2012.

Looks like several Loyalty Traveler readers scored a free night based on the comments in my blog post from June 7 when I wrote “Free Night in NY with SPG BRG claims June 4-September 3, 2012”.

The original BRG link webpage looked like this last week offering a free night for an approved Best Rate guarantee claim at a participating New York Starwood Hotel:


Today the link shows this picture instead:


40% off a second night is not quite the same deal.


*Statement Regarding Discontinued Rate Guarantee Free Night Offer
We’d like to thank everyone for their interest in our best rate guarantee free night promotion. We are, unfortunately, immediately discontinuing this promotion until further notice due to unforeseen circumstances. Rest assured that all free nights that were approved under this promotion will be honored. We will also honor this promotion for any valid Best Rate Guarantee claims that comply with the promotion terms and that were submitted prior to midnight Eastern Standard Time on June 12, 2012. After this time, any individual that submits a valid Best Rate Guarantee claim may elect to receive 2,000 Starpoints or 10% discount off of the competing rate.
We truly appreciate your business and your loyalty to Starwood Hotels & Resorts. Please check out the numerous other promotions we have available to help you make the most of your travel with us.

© 2012 Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.

Another deal bites the dust. Congratulations to all those who were successful in booking a free night with 2,000 bonus Starpoints.

Obviously Starwood Hotels and all the hotel chains still have an issue with providing the lowest price for their hotel rooms on their own websites.

I still think the Starwood Best Rate Guarantee procedure is the best available due to the fact that members can get a claim approved prior to booking a room. I hope this promotion debacle does not change the way they handle BRG claims.


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  1. Great job making this information available. I would not have known about this promo if it weren’t for your blog. The gf and I were able to get 1 free night each.

  2. Oh my goodness… Now that is one spell check on a tablet error that will have me laughing for hours…. I am blaming my Touchpad for turning DansDeals into that, please fix that if you can Ric… Thanks! Lol!

  3. I don’t want guantees or retro refunds. As a frequent visitor, I want the TRUTH about best possible rates – and up-front, right now. Most chain houses will rate-screw their walk-in clients, an expected practice. When they rate-screw their their long-term, regular customers on an award night or two, it is time to find other options. In general, hotel rewards have never been a great deal and they excluded too many better properties. Never as good as the airline’s programs, but they are catching up, especially the the airline programs that also cutting back. In another year or three, *meaningful* reward programs will be toast – and our award bloogers and bookers will be out of business.

  4. @Steelsnow – I edited your earlier comment. I was having the same problem yesterday on my iPad when the computer kept tossing in website names into my writing.

  5. Hotelscombined is great, unless its crazy busy like Fashion Week or Comic-Con or something you can pretty much be guaranteed one of the chains is discounting through some obscure site. Ive noticed they don’t use Expedia or Orbitz or other obvious ones anymore, and sometimes they pull the rates before the BRG gets through. What do they expect people to do, they give their wealthy corporate customers deep discounts and expect the squeezed middle class public to pay twice as much?

  6. I will have to give HotelsCombined a trial run this next week when I am searching for BRG rate comparisons. Never can hurt to have a few metasearch engines to check rates with the hotel’s site.

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