12th Floor Experiences at JW Marriott Chicago

Time to reflect on JW Marriott Chicago three weeks after attending the spring media trip. My room on the 12th floor of the hotel was on the opposite side of the building from the West Adams facing Executive Lounge. The 12th floor is the top guest floor with higher floors in the 21-story building housing business office occupants who enter from La Salle Street rather than the JW Marriott Chicago front entrance on West Adams Street.

Entrance Streetview with Limo

JW Marriott Chicago front entrance [photo source: JW Marriott Chicago]

Frank Lloyd Wright-JW Marriott 363

JW Marriott Chicago seen from corner of West Adams and South Wells.

The room furnishings in 1231 were a modern style in a comfortable layout. Nice bed headboard and plenty of pillows. I accidentally unplugged the clock and it was set to the correct time when I returned later in the day.

JW Marriott Chicago 154

I did not spend enough time in the room to even try out the upholstered chair or look through the magazine selection.

JW Marriott Chicago 155

The desk area kept me occupied with a guest food tray and internet access that I had to pay for since I am not Marriott Rewards Gold or Platinum elite.

JW Marriott Chicago  156

The previous three photos show most of the JW Marriott Chicago bedroom. The closet was on the right and bathroom on left when entering the room.

JW Marriott Chicago  163

Between the closet and bedroom was a narrow space for electronic mini-bar, ice bucket, water and coffee maker.

JW Marriott Chicago 162

The bathroom offered dual sink, deep tub and separate shower.

JW Marriott Chicago 160

This is a fine tub, but not so glamorous as the infinity tubs in the JW Marriott Chicago specialty suites shown in this Loyalty Traveler post “Suite Living at JW Marriott Chicago”.

JW Marriott Chicago 158

The bath products are Aromatherapy Associates which this April 2012 Marriott news release states is the brand being used by JW Marriott hotels.

Unfortunately my photo of the sink and mirror with TV for the guestroom where I stayed is blurry. I think only suites and 12th floor rooms have the TV embedded in the bathroom mirror. As a substitute photo for my room, here is the dual sink from the McCormick Suite which looks the same as the one did in my room. Although my 12th floor standard guest room did not have as nice a shower and toilet layout as the McCormick Suite.

McCormick Suite bathroom-1

The toilet in the bathroom even had a telephone. I must admit though that I don’t think I could use a toilet telephone without my own personal phone sanitation wipe.


JW Marriott Chicago Executive Lounge


  • Monday – Thursday 6:00am – 10:00pm
  • Friday 6:00am – 12:00pm (noon)
  • Saturday Closed
  • Sunday 5:00pm – 10:00pm

Frank Lloyd Wright-JW Marriott 046

The Executive Lounge had drinks available throughout the day. This counter is where morning breakfast and evening appetizers are served.

Frank Lloyd Wright-JW Marriott 045

The Executive Lounge has a business center, bathrooms and a meeting room at the end of the hall available with reservations.

Frank Lloyd Wright-JW Marriott 048

The business center has computers and printers for guest use.

Frank Lloyd Wright-JW Marriott 047

Outside of meal times the Executive Lounge was usually empty during the several times I dropped by. The staff working in the lounge were one of the most guest oriented staff members I have experienced in a US hotel. The service in the lounge was commendable in my opinion. I have little experience with other Marriott Executive Lounges so I don’t know whether this is just a great staff or if this is indicative of Marriott lounges?

Frank Lloyd Wright-JW Marriott 378

Mixed green salad with nuts was one of about eight selections for the evening appetizers which also included two hot pasta dishes, crab & avocado salad (the crab dish looks so good in my photo and I can’t believe I didn’t even realize the dish was a California favorite without my glasses on at the time).

Good thing I had a multi-course dinner an hour later at The Florentine, the JW Marriott Chicago fine dining restaurant. And that experience will be covered in another post.

Blogger Disclosure: The JW Marriott Chicago spring media trip was a complimentary experience for me as Loyalty traveler with two nights at JW Marriott Chicago, roundtrip airfare Monterey-Chicago and an itinerary of wine/dine/spa/tour experiences in a packed 48 hours.

I enjoyed the JW Marriott Chicago hotel and seeing the city of Chicago in the spring.


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