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Hyatt Gold Passport is missing the points

What is happening at Hyatt Hotels? Hyatt Gold Passport has been out of Loyalty Traveler blog posts most of the past month. And it just isn’t me without much interest in the program lately.

The FlyerTalk thread “Current Hyatt Promotions” most recent post is two weeks ago. Basically Hyatt Gold Passport just seems boring lately unless you are a Diamond member enjoying free breakfast and suites on your hotel stays.

Hyatt Gold Passport seems disengaged from hotel loyalty points for the season after setting up a four month mileage promotion from May 1 to August 31. Stay 11 times for 24,500 miles is a decent rebate on $1,100 in spend. The value of miles is far less a bonus on $4,000 or more in hotel spend if you are one of the guests paying $350 to $400 or even more per stay.

Where are the Gold Passport bonus points?

Looking at Hyatt Gold Passport bonus points offers revealed the smallest list of hotels I have seen in years for earning any bonus points. Hyatt Gold Passport is the hotel loyalty program that up until the credit card came out in 2010 tended to average around 50% of hotels globally at any one time with bonus points offers.

And then there were five in the USA!

  1. Hyatt Place Ft. Lauderdale/Plantation = 1,000 bonus points per stay May 5 – Dec 31, 2012. Limited to Florida Residents. Offer Code FLA01.
  2. Hyatt House San Diego/Sorrento Mesa, California = 1,000 bonus points for participating in Sales “Get to Know You” Survey. May 7-August 31, 2012.
  3. Hyatt House Boulder/Broomfield, Colorado = 1,000 bonus points through August 31, 2012. Offer Code 1KGP.
  4. Hyatt House Chicago/Schaumburg, Illinois = 1,500 bonus points June 1 through August 31, 2012.
  5. Hyatt Place Boston/Braintree = 1,500 bonus points June 1 through August 31, 2012. Offer Code BBOPEN.

I could write a basic post on Hyatt Gold Passport program earning, stay certificates, diamond benefits and suite upgrades, or a look at category-1 hotel rewards at 5,000 points per night, but that is not news.

The fact that there are hardly any Hyatt Gold Passport bonus point offers in the USA is more telling. And that is why Hyatt Gold Passport stories have been absent from Loyalty traveler over the past month.

Hyatt Gold Passport is staying dormant as a hotel loyalty program for the less frequent loyalty travelers this season.


Only 20 offers worldwide for Hyatt Gold Passport. Years past this was typically over 200 offers.


  • Aaron June 7, 2012

    Perhaps occupancy rates are up across the board and they don’t feel the need to entice people?

  • Oliver June 8, 2012

    Last two years I made Diamond. This year I have had one stay with three nights so far. Promos aren’t the only reason – lack of convenient/affordable properties where I am traveling is another factor. I’ll be Platinum next year, but probably not based on nights/stays…

  • Scottrick June 8, 2012

    Still great service. Although I had a couple bad experiences with the airline miles promo. I understood miles means no GP points, but it also meant problems getting stay credit (which I needed for Diamond). So it just ended up being easier to stick with GP.

  • ikonos June 8, 2012

    @Scottrick why is it a problem getting stay credit if you chose miles? I chose AA miles for the 11 stay 24,500 miles promo and opted for 1000 GP point welcome amenity. As i see it I get 11000 GP Points + 24,500 AA points for 11 stays and I am still getting stay credit towards diamond status. At $1100 spend you are getting 24,500 AA miles instead of 7150 GP points (5500 base points + 30% Diamond bonus) which I think is a better value. What are we missing here?

  • ikonos June 8, 2012

    If your spend is more than $3300 then its better to go with GP points all the way. Otherwise choosing airline miles promo is worthit in my opinion.

  • Jay June 9, 2012

    If you choose miles, you do not get points as welcome amenity.

  • Marjorie August 30, 2012

    My Husband and spent 3 days this month at Hyatt House Chicago/Schaumburg, Illinois and got the 1,500 bonus miles which boosted my balance. When I originally booked, I wasn’t aware of the promotion but I was exploring GP offers and found that it fell right into our plans.

    We’ve found the trick to stretching points with Hyatt is to choose a hotel outside the city where we want to visit, (but still within driving distance)that way it cost less points and we still get where we want to be. We also save on parking charges too cause hotels in the cities like Chicago have hefty daily parking charges. it’s a win/win for us.

    Earlier this year I got their credit card and now proudly flash my platinum status (LOL). With the card I now have 2 free nights, which I plan to use in Europe on our next trip.

  • Dave From BNA August 31, 2012

    I booked a stay in Louisville about 3 weeks ago mainly to let Hyatt know I was still alive and aware of accumulated points in my Gold Passport account. I too couldn’t believe how few hotels were offering bonus points. In the past I made booking decisions with Hyatt based on the bonus points offered and whether the locations offered AAA free breakfast.

    Because I was driving from Nashville I chose the Hyatt Place mainly to avoid parking charges and stay near the Mall St. Matthews area. Overall I enjoyed my stay but really didn’t care for a one day prior cancellation policy (made the reservation prior to checking out of a Courtyard by Marriott a few miles up the road.)

    While the breakfasts buffets at the full service Hyatts are usually fantastic, Hyatt Place buffets don’t ever seem as good as Hampton and Fairfield Inn offerings.

    I can’t see a Hyatt Visa Card in my future. I carry one with Marriott but Hyatt’s number of locations, cancellation policys, and lately promotions don’t seem competitive with Marriott or Hilton.

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