Sheraton-MasterCard 50% off second night (and other discount rates)

Sheraton Resorts in 49 locations including the US, Canada, Caribbean, Tahiti, Mexico and Panama offer 50% off second night when payment is made with any MasterCard. Booking period is May 21 to August 15, 2012 for hotel stays from May 21 to September 4. Promotion code = ZM5.

These are prepaid, nonrefundable reservations that cannot be changed or cancelled without total forfeit of money. I avoid these wherever I can, but perhaps you have a better risk tolerance than me.

In my limited check of rates I found the Westin Bayshore Vancouver, British Columbia offered the MasterCard 50% off second night at $214CAD for the standard room.


A quick check of AAA rates showed this same room available for $199CAD.


In fact for an additional $9 per night, the AAA rate gets a Deluxe Room for $223CAD, a one category room upgrade on the standard room with day before arrival no penalty cancellation policy. The MasterCard 50% off rate is $237 per night for a prepaid, nonrefundable reservation.


There are probably some good savings to be found with the MasterCard rate at some of the participating hotels, but be sure to check all the other rate options. It is bad enough to book a prepaid, nonrefundable room without adding the insult of paying more than other rates available for the same hotel stay.

Keep in mind that Starwood Hotels has several multi-night discount codes available for hotels around the world.

Ongoing Starwood Hotels & Resorts Rate Discounts:

**** Pay Your Birth Year Rate – This promotion has been extended through 2012. Rates can be an incredible 5-key savings or no savings depending on the hotel and your birthyear. LT post 4/28/2009. LT post Jan 30, 2012.


**** Starwood Hotels Discount Rates for hotel stays 2 to 6 nights.


**** Starwood Resorts Discount Rates for hotel stays 2 to 6 nights.


These Starwood extended stay discount rates for 2 to 6 nights have been around for several years, but are not well advertised on Starwood site. Third Night Free tends to be the best discount rate. Important to check other rates (AAA, Senior, Special Offers) as these discounts are generally based on the Best Available Rate (BAR) and may not be the lowest overall rate for some hotels. Loyalty Traveler rate analysis Sep 21, 2011 – Better Know a Rate Z3H and Z3R and other extended stay promo codes. for discount Starwood rates in Europe, Middle East and Africa (Starwood EMEA Discounts at


Starpicks discount rates for following three to six weeks post each Tuesday. Prepaid, nonrefundable and no changes. Must book by Friday each week.


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