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Why Radisson has a USA image problem? (photo)

Radisson Suites Covina in Los Angeles County is kind of like a hometown hotel for my mother. Her 1950s high school reunion party has been hosted by the hotel in recent years. This Club Carlson category 2 hotel has 258 suites and a free night is 15,000 points.

I wonder if all the rooms have toilet seats as ill-fitting as this one?



My parents laughed, stayed the night and hope to find a better fitting toilet  seat when they redeem their Club Carlson 50,000 points.

Club Carlson Radisson Big Night Giveaway 

Earn 50,000 bonus points with one night stayed at a Radisson or Radisson Blu hotel worldwide for the first 100,000 Club Carlson members to register and stay between May 15 and July 15, 2012. There still appears to be space to register and qualify for 50,000 points. After 100,000 registrants the bonus drops to 15,000 points.

Club Carlson Country Inn & Suites May 15-July 15, 2012. Earn 44,000 bonus points with one night stayed at a Country Inn & Suites hotel worldwide for the first 35,000 Club Carlson members to register and stay between May 15 and July 15, 2012. There are nearly 500 Country Inn properties in the USA.

Note: The Country Inn & Suites promotion has already reached 35,000 registrants at this time so the bonus will be 15,000 points for additional members who register.


Park Inn May 22-July 22, 2012. Earn 44,000 bonus points with one night stayed at a Park Inn hotel worldwide for the first 20,000 Club Carlson members to register and stay between May 15 and July 15, 2012. There are only 10 Park Inn properties in the USA, but more than 100 properties in Europe, Middle East and Africa. This promotion appears to not have yet reached 20,000 registrants. Loyalty Traveler post: Park Inn 1 + 1 promo (May 21)



  • jackie May 27, 2012

    Still in Country & inn suites @ San Carlos CA and can’t believe their customer service. Had 2 room booked and requested for connecting room 2 days ago. Checked in yesterday and ended up one on 2nd floor and the other on 3rd floor. At the time of my check-in, there were <10 cars in the lot and the receptionist is NOT willing to help for even accommodate my request…Hotel room is all clean, but poor customer service!

  • Jase Wells May 27, 2012

    We recently stayed at the Sheraton on the Big Island of Hawaii, and the toilet in the ocean view room (recently remodeled!) was the kind that attaches to the wall without a tank, and has visible metal plumbing. Like something you’d see in a public restroom. But I guess at least its seat fit correctly, so there’s that.

  • av May 27, 2012

    @ Jackie I just stayed at the San Carlos. Checked in 5/25 & left 5/26. Rooms were very nice; service was great actually. I had no complaints … i was very surprised.

  • Ken Y. May 27, 2012

    I will be staying at CIS San Carlos in late June as I work nearby. Is it ok to check in and then check out five minutes later?

  • Chris May 27, 2012

    I stayed at the Radisson SeaTac for my bonus. Even though it was only a short stay, the facility was very nice and the staff provided good service.

  • Charles Clarke May 28, 2012


    Yep. Definitely need some training on this. Maintenance and even housekeeping need to let the managers know when there is something wrong. Did your mom show this to the front desk?

  • Ric Garrido May 28, 2012

    @Charles – they mentioned the toilet seat to the front desk person at checkout.

  • yc May 28, 2012

    Lol, I just stayed at the Radisson at Fisherman’s wharf San Francisco. When they sent me a survey about my stay, I said the same. Get a toilet seat that fits, haha.

  • Groucho mama May 28, 2012

    Stayed at CIS in Millville, NJ best Tri-state area rate, but rooms were quite not exciting. Room was not ready at 4:30!! On the + side, Had some nice south jersey crab cakes going and coming& great BBQ at a local chain at the mall. I had to keep my eye on the prize- 2 free rooms somewhere in Europe or Latin America next year.

  • Jeff May 30, 2012

    Country Suites is the best product in the Radisson portfolio. The other products are very inconsistent. I cannot figure it out.

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