Hilton HHonors Points & Money anomalies at Conrad Hong Kong and Bali

Hilton HHonors introduced Points & Money rewards in 2011 requiring only 50% points of a standard reward night with a cash copay.  The initial announcement was discussed in my May 9, 2011 post on Hilton HHonors Points & Money Rewards when there were only a few hotels offering the reward.

Hilton HHonors officially launched Points & Money Rewards in late 2011 and the FAQ briefly included a table showing the cash co-pay for each hotel category level. The Hilton Points & Money copay table was removed from the Hilton website within a few hours of my October 3, 2011 post on Hilton HHonors Points & Money Rewards.

The table was replaced by this wording: “The number of points required to redeem Points & Money Rewards varies by room, hotel, and booking date.”


These Points & Money copay amounts originally published by Hilton HHonors and quickly removed have been observed for Points & Money rewards over the past year – until now.

Points & Money Reward Nights on the Rise at Conrad Hong Kong and Bali

Conrad Bali June 13-14, 2012

  • category 5 hotel = 35,000 points per night.
  • Category 5 Points & Money = 17,500 points + $90.

The table above shows the Points & Money co-pay as $60 for a category 5 hotel. $90 copay at Conrad Bali is a 50% higher copay rate than typical for a Category 5 hotel.

I have checked a dozen other hotels in Europe, South America, Asia and the U.S. and the co-pay rate is $60 or within a couple of dollars of that amount with foreign currency exchange rates. All the hotels I checked are in line with the HHonors Points & Money table shown, regardless of hotel category, except for the Conrad Hong Kong.

Conrad Hong Kong


HK$1,009 = US$129.95 for this HHonors category 7 hotel.

Other category 7 hotels I checked all showed $85 or very near that copay rate with currency exchange fluctuations. $130 is a 53% copay increase over the typical $85.

Is this a sign of coming co-pay fluctuation for HHonors Points & Money Rewards?

This is an issue where crowdsourcing data can be handy. I checked more than a dozen hotels in different brands and countries and these two hotels were the only anomalies I located.

Please leave a comment if you have noticed other hotels deviating from the common HHonors Points & Money copay amounts shown in the table.

This FlyerTalk thread also discusses examples of HHonors Points & Money Rewards.

Thanks to Loyalty Traveler reader Jo C. for bringing this issue to my attention.

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  1. I just checked this property a couple of weeks ago and it was showing 25K points + $85 USD. Strange.

  2. I’ve booked multiple Points & Cash awards at the Hiltons in both Durban and Johannesburg. The cash amount quoted varied by day of the week (higher on weekdays, cheaper on weekends) as well as on different booking dates.

  3. They’ve been adding a 10% service charge to the $85, as well, which brought the total to ~$95. Maybe they’ve now built that service charge (plus a lot more) into the total price instead of keeping it separate?

  4. I’m glad I booked my stay at the Conrad Hong Kong before your post; I’d posted about this anomaly on FlyerTalk a few months ago. In my case, it was around $87 co-pay when I priced it.

    Of course, I also added the standby for an upgraded room, so it remains to be seen what my final rate is, but I think that was one of my best hotel redemptions ever.

  5. I always noticed the cash copay for Conrad HKG stays to be $120 or more which meant a GLON 6 or longer is the best use of points in this case.

  6. Whenever I look for availability when I’m not logged into my account, I see availability for C+P and Points awards. However, when I log into my account, the availability all disappears.. Any solutions?

  7. @jimgotkp
    You might not have enough points to cover the redemption. How many Hilton points u got in the act?

  8. I have rooms booked in Europe this summer that are on normal table rates. Hilton London Olympia at 25k points plus $85 and Hilton Munich City at 20k points plus $70.

  9. I was charged us$295 for 2 nights using points and cash at Conrad Hkg.

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