1,000,000 Priority Club points at Global Traveler Silent Auction 2012

The Global Traveler Silent Auction 2012 crashed yesterday just as the auction for 1,000,000 Priority Club points was minutes from ending. The price was $3,810 when the auction site server crashed and the bid is still at $3,810.

About a dozen items, mostly flights, that were ending bids yesterday have now been extended to tomorrow for bids.

Thank you for your patience as we restored our 2012 auction. We apologize for the inconvenience this afternoon as we resolved unforeseen technical issues caused by an overwhelming number of bids. The bids were received at a much higher volume than in previous years. Please note, all auction items affected by the earlier problems are being extended. Bids will be accepted for an additional 24 hours and new close times have been posted next to each affected item. All other items will close as originally scheduled.

Global Traveler Silent Auction 2012

Here are some of the auction leading bids at this time 3:00pm Pacific Thursday May 3.


Travel Products




Hotel Auctions ending Thursday May 3 in the next three hours:


Hotel auctions ending Friday May 4


The hotel deals are the best value in my opinion.

Here is my previous post Instant Karma got me at the Global Traveler Silent Auction 2012.

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  1. Now that I posted the offer the site is down again.

    And I didn’t even submit my bid for the Priority Club points before writing this post!

  2. It’s back! At $3,830 right now. Good to see it’s still available, although I don’t know what I would do with 1M points.

  3. A million points isn’t THAT much. It’s twenty nights at an intercontinental.
    I’m sure you could figure something out!

  4. I don’t get it. Cat you buy these points for $3000 using the reserve/cancel technique?

  5. link is working it over 4K now
    12 hours to go.

    how many airline miles can you get for 1M points?

  6. @Evan – Priority Club is a straight 5 points = 1 miles.

    200,000 miles like MSPDeltaDude said.

    I don’t think airline miles are that good a value for this.

    My thoughts are when a great PointBreaks comes up for an InterContinental in a foreign land, ten days for 50,000 points is a nice vacation.

    1,000,000 points is several nice vacations.

    Bid is $5,510 as I write this. I think the Priority Club package and many of these deals got the Loyalty Traveler bump.

    Thousands of more dollars have been added to the charity auction items by this two day delay in ending the bids.

  7. I definitely think the auctions received a bump from you talking about them. Good job!

    The PointBreaks at an InterContinental looks interesting.

    With the Priority Club credit card’s 10% back on redemptions, you’d even get an extra day.

    1M points with the card would be 222 nights on PointBreaks. 8 months of wandering around from hotel to hotel… Okay, maybe your wife would like to see you more than that.

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