Land of Dreams song by Rosanne Cash for Brand USA

Any elementary school teacher knows music is the universal language to transcend cultural barriers. “Land of Dreams” is a beautiful song written and performed by Rosanne Cash for the first ever global marketing campaign to promote USA tourism.

The video of Rosanne accompanied by other musicians like Los Lobos and Bebel Gilberto was filmed under the Brooklyn Bridge in New York and shows images of American life and landscapes. The song and video for Land of Dreams is being used in international marketing campaigns to promote the USA to the world as a tourism destination.

I love this song. No hype here. The visual imagery accompanying the music in the 2:30 minute full length video creates the effect on me that mirrors the DiscoverAmerica.com marketing slogan for USA tourism: “See it, Hear it, Feel it.”

This is the song for America. The lyrics and the music are simple, elegant and deep. The images in the video are gorgeous and reveal the diversity of people and places in our country and states.


Land of Dreams – Rosanne Cash You Tube video for DiscoverAmerica.com.

Rosanne Cash, Grammy award winner songwriter and daughter of American music icon Johnny Cash, wrote the song “Land of Dreams” being used in the initial marketing campaign for Brand USA. “Land of Dreams” is a song that welcomes and invites people throughout the world to visit the United States and enjoy our rich experiences, diversity and destinations.

Brand USA is the new tourism marketing entity promoting the United States to world visitors. Research for its initial marketing campaign showed one way to reach people speaking different languages and from different cultures is through music. DiscoverAmerica.com is the official tourism website for the USA where the song is featured along with destination profiles around the USA.


Music is an obvious bridge to language barriers for any elementary school teacher working with students in English language development. On mornings I help my wife in her first grade classroom. I sure hear the Spanish-speaking students belt out the “Star Spangled Banner” and “This Land is Your Land” as clearly and loudly as the English speakers. This year I usually hear the little Colombian girl’s voice rise above the others. I love hearing their little voices in song.

I can’t wait to hear those little kids singing “Land of Dreams”.

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  1. Great song and lovely images in the video.

    Though “Land of Dreams” seems more asking for immigrants than visitors.

    Do we really need to promote the US that much? Seems like we have lots of visitors and immigrants already. Especially now that our dollar is so weak.

    Reflecting on the visitors and immigrants we enjoy is a good way to get us thinking about how we act when we travel to other countries. Would we enjoy some foreigner acting like that in our town?


  2. @Charles Clarke – One of the statistics I have heard the last two years at International Pow Wow is how the share of world travel tourism held by the USA dropped after 9/11. The U.S. wants to continue to attract the growing middle class travelers from places like Russia, China, India and Brazil.

    Overseas visitor numbers currently are from the following five lead international arrival countries.

    1. UK
    2. Germany
    3. Australia
    4. Japan
    5. France

    These are the initial target markets for Brand USA commercials featuring Land of Dreams.

    U.S. Travel Association is working politically to make the visa processing time easier for international visitors to the USA.

  3. Any idea of whether it dropped from perceived risk of hijackers or from TSA? Or from folks travelling more elsewhere (just decreased share, not total numbers of folks)?


  4. YES !! beautiful song for America and hearts of American

    I too love to have the lyrics and chords for the song.

  5. G C G D
    Land of dreams, Land of dreams, come and find your land of
    G C G D
    dreams and its closer than it seems, come and find your
    land of dreams. The rest of the song is more or less the same format.You may have to get the lyrics as I did, watch on youtube and write as she sings. Good luck

  6. Hi again, unfortunately when I submitted comment the chords moved positions.G starts’land’ then C over ‘dreams’
    D over ‘find’then G over ‘dreams’ C over ‘closer’ G over ‘seems’ D over ‘find’ and G over ‘dreams’.

  7. LAND OF DREAMS – (Rosanne Cash)

    I heard you calling from the start
    A river runs through both our hearts
    A thousand shades of something new
    I cannot wait to play for you

    So play your songs and make them real
    There’s a place for all we feel
    And it’s closer than it seems
    Come and find your land of dreams

    Land of dreams, land of dreams
    Come and find your land of dreams
    And it’s closer than it seems
    Come and find your land of dreams

    The world is smaller in our eyes
    The city streets and moonlit skies
    The shining waves and evergreens
    I will give you everything

    Well you can hear the bells and strings
    Just wait until you make them ring
    And it’s closer than it seems
    Come and find your land of dreams

    Chorus 2X … and then play out Cheers!

  8. A great song. I try to skip commercials but with this one, I turn up the volume. Great way to promote US travel and the US in general. Years ago I was traveling in South America and caught Jerry Springer then Maury Povich on TV. It struck just how badly these shows portrayed the US to the rest of the world. The Rosanne Cash song does just the opposite. That’s a good thing.


  9. Beautiful, beauitful song!! I really enjoy this commercial, and I usually hate commercials! One thing I don’t understand in the lyrics is this, though:

    A river runs through both our hearts.

    What is that referring to? Thanks in advance!

    (From a ‘northern neighbour’ who appreciates your awesome new tourism campaign!)

  10. Canadian here, who recently visited the filming site under the Brooklyn Bridge.
    And yes, it is a beautiful song and video. America at its best. Thanks Rosanne and thanks USA.

  11. @Maria – “A river runs through both our hearts.” – I think this is a metaphor for global connectedness among Americans and foreigners visiting the USA in the context of this song being a commercial for international tourism to the USA.

    But I was a university student of science and not English poetry/literature, so I could be totally off base.

  12. I agree this song is a very beautiful song and I now play it all the time. And this song can also be the hearts of Canada

  13. Well written, well sung, well preformed! Feel good song & video on existence of beautiful land we all have to observe & explore. Wish Canada could have similar song for beautiful lands it has to observe and explore. Difficult to top or match this one though but can be done!

  14. I am writing about the song Land of Dreams, of course, it is a very beautiful song… one has to admit it almost has a bit of celtic sound to it.. either way every time I listen to this song, it sends chills down my spine, I have to learn to play in on keyboard… every time I play it, and sign along with it, my three babies, being shitzus, always love it and get excited… my wife passed away recently and she loved it as much as I and she too would sing it every time, we never were lucky enough to have real children so our babies were treated like humans and thus react as such…especially in cases like this… One person said they should have one like this for Canada, I can not agree more on that, but how can even Rosanne Cash top this song… as wonderful as I find she is, this would be almost impossible to top or even be equal…

  15. Hi,

    This is still another comment from Canada – quite a few so far. What a terrific song and great visual presentation. The full-length video builds on the brief but brilliant 30-second TV commercial shown in our country. This is surely the best tourist promotion for the U.S. since “See America First” about 60 years ago. In its inclusiveness and welcoming spirit, it’s a worthy successor to Emma Lazarus and the Golden Door. FYI, this is the America that we foreigners really want to believe in.

    Hope to visit again soon.

    PS – There are some Canadian messages that have a similar approach and are also very well done – try the ads for Newfoundland & Labrador and the North West Territories.

  16. By Norman Maclean:
    Eventually all things merge into one and a river runs through it..Read the rest. It fits.

  17. I love the video and the song – I have been trying to identify what type of dancing is in it and where the location is – it just glides around the stunning setting.
    Anyone know?

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