90 Days Hyatt Platinum for Visa Signature members

Visa Signature card holders in the U.S. can register their U.S.-issued Visa Signature card number by May 11, 2012 for 90 days of instant Hyatt Gold Passport Platinum elite status. This status level has benefits of free internet, 15% bonus points, possibility of room upgrades and 2pm late check-out. Platinum members also receive a Platinum Extras certificate every 3rd stay for benefits like bonus points, dining discounts and room upgrades. 


Visa Signature – Hyatt Gold Passport 90 Days Trial Platinum link.           Register between March 29 and May 11, 2012.

Visa Signature – Hyatt Promotion FAQ link.

Hyatt Gold Passport Platinum Elite

Hyatt has two elite levels and Platinum is the lower level normally requiring 5 stays or 15 nights at Hyatt brand hotels in a calendar year. This offer requires the member to complete 8 nights within the 90 days to extend benefits to February 2013. That is a lower qualification level than 15 nights, although, the Hyatt Gold Passport member could also complete 5 separate one-night Hyatt stays and qualify for Platinum elite through Feb 2014 by the normal route.

There are close to 500 Hyatt brand hotels globally with Park Hyatt, Andaz, Hyatt Regency, Grand Hyatt, Hyatt Resorts, Hyatt House and Hyatt Place. I personally enjoy Hyatt Place as my favorite mid-scale brand due to the large TV, large couch, sink, refrigerator and desk in these cookie cutter style rooms.

Hyatt Place Dublin-Santa Calara 051

Hyatt Place, Dublin, California

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  1. I’ve read that if you take advantage of a status match challenge with Hyatt that you can only do it once (I’m waiting until I plan a long trip to match my Hilton Diamond status), will this hurt my chances of later getting a status match challenge?

  2. This is a promotion offer and not a status challenge so I don’t think this offer will have any effect on a future status challenge with Hyatt Gold Passport.

    Of course, Hyatt Gold Passport has the final word.

  3. Wondering if anyone with multiple Visa Signature cards would be willing to upgrade my Hyatt #? 🙂 I’m going to be staying at Hyatt Regency at the Arch over Memorial Day and would love to be upgraded to a big Arch-view room… (all I have are AMEX, MC Worlds and VISA regulars)

  4. This worked for me last week. I entered my Visa Signature and within an hour I had been upgraded to Platinum. Then 2 days later I applied for the Chase Hyatt card, which comes with 2 free nights at any Hyatt. The bonus was that as a Platinum member, I also got 2 free suite upgrades. Pretty “suite” deal if you ask me! Just by signing up for this promo a few days before applying for the Chase card I ended up with the free suite upgrades! I plan to use the 2 nights plus 2 suite upgrades in January at the Hong Kong Grand Hyatt. Love when this stuff works out!

  5. Interesting question Matt. Does that even work? I haven’t tried signing up since I won’t be staying at a Hyatt soon, but I do have multiple Visa Signature cards.

  6. Matt – Last time Hilton had a similar promo with Visa Signature for Gold status I was able to use my Visa Signature number to signup my Mom. It’s my understanding that the website doesn’t check that it’s your Visa, just that it’s a valid number for a Visa Signature card.

  7. Thanks PointsCashMiles. Now I just need to find a VS cardholder to give me a bump. 🙂

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